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Subj: Re: More ideas.
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Hi all,

I've been watching the comments about development of yet another new bbs

>...... Why is it that the alternatives to FBB have such varrying

The statement implies FBB is "the" standard system.
Don't get me wrong, it does a really good job in the environment it is in, and
handles huge amounts of traffic.  But often people get the impression that
nothing else of any significance exists.

>  Try  digiing  down  the  chain  and fugure out the various BBS`s
>encountered along the way, TSTHOST, JNOS, FBB.

My impression is that TSTHOST is a terminal program, not a full service bbs
like JNOS, TNOS, WNOS, MSYS, FBB, W0RLI, TheBox, etc.  However, most DO have a
core of common commands, such as R  RM  L<  L>  LS  SP  SB  but then again
there are major differences elsewhere.
Note that xNOS systems have both an AX.25 bbs interface as well as TCP/IP
interfacing such as FTP, SMTP, POP3, NNTP, and in some cases WWW and other


>Try digi-ing down the chain....

This implies a netrom system.  Like FBB the statement implies it is "the"
standard system, and, like FBB, it is in common use and does a good job.

OK readers, how about standing back for a second or two and asking some
questions, such as:

(1) How should we shift data around on the airwaves?
Are you happy with the way raw AX.25 moves data?  You have no problems with
congested channels?  File and mail transfers retrying out?  Unintelligent
network routing?  Unintelligent use of the network?

(2) Are we happy with the number of different ad-hoc ways of using bbses in
terms of doing things with mail, and in transferring files?

So maybe there will be developments in the direction of intelligent network
routing schemes, channel sharing schemes which avoid congestion and enable the
transfer of large files, standardised mail protocols, etc.  One never knows,
such a project may well end up as an international standard and be extensively
used by a vast number of computers!

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but it is called TCP/IP and has been around
for a while now and is in things like Windows95, Macs, Linux... in fact
virtually everything except the C64 and this is only because of memory
Hilltop Netrom nodes just need a new EPROM programmed with X1J firmware to be
able to handle raw AX.25, Netrom and IP frames.  How much does an EPROM cost?
Ten or twenty bucks at the outside?  The only significant problem is apathy.
Note that for best results you ideally should not run TCP/IP and raw AX.25 on
the same frequency, as raw AX.25 is far more aggressive and thus does not share
the channel like TCP/IP does.

Ham home stations need something like a 1980's XT or better.
When I last checked, this is 1996 and the local newspapers advertise Pentiums,
as 486s seem to be regarded as "obsolete" nowadays.  And wheels are a sort of
disc with a shaft or axle at the centre  ;-)

Why use 486s and Pentiums like teleprinters?

At the same speed?
73, David.

       ͻ ͻ      David Fraser                  P.O.Box 12,
           ͹      ZL3AI @ ZL3AC.#80.NZL.OC      Waipara 8270,
          ͼ      Telephone (03) 314-6825       New Zealand.

                                                                     T4 1.59

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