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BC-DX 983                                                    10 Oct 2010

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ALGERIA   6297.09 kHz  RASD from Tindouf refugee camp transmitter noted at
1945 UT Oct 9, S=7 poor signal. But not on 6248v kHz reserve unit on air.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

6248.33  RASD at 0032-0033* UT Oct 9, noticed off frequency again. Just
caught the end of their transmission, signing off with their National
Anthem. Fair to good.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, hcdx 9)

RASD Tindouf back on its morning channel 6248.33 kHz at 0600 UT, but both
RASD Tindouf areas are hit heavily by European NATO digital UTE stations,
G7D transmission mode, with data modems of 2400 Baud Stanag signals. This
Stanag reference on 6243-6249 and 6294-6299 kHz. West-Saharies will not be
happy there.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

I assume that the Stanag signals are maritime communications. Above 6200
is part of their band, but such signals can be heard in many frequency
ranges, and some are known to emanate from the Inskip station not too far
south east from me. I'm not sure if it is still a Naval station these days
but the tall masts and at least one log periodic plus much more can still
be seen in situ.
(Noel Green-UK, to wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9/10) yes navy comm. wb.

ANDORRA   ARTHUR WARD wdxc-UK: Further to the item last month on Radio
Andorra, here is a Radio Andorre Diary - translated by Philip J Ward
(recent resident of Paris) from

1935: Project to create a national radio station in the principality of
Andorra. A franchise of 30 years is signed.

1936: Creation of regulatory body 'Radio Information'. The radio contract
signed the previous year is extended from 30 to 60 years.

1937: Beginning of the construction of the transmitter for Radio Andorre,
with official response from the French state with regulation on the power
of the signal. France refuses signal strength over 200 watts.

1938: the colonel of the gendarmerie (armed police force) Baulard attempts
to stop the construction works for the transmitter, the Andorrans support
Jacques Tremoulet and Stanislas Puiggros against the assault coming from
the French. After refusing to do so, France eventually gives authorization
to Radio Andorre to construct the transmitter. However, the strength of
the transmission is fixed at 60 kw long-wave and 1 kw shortwave.

1939: August 7th: the first transmissions go out where you can here the
famous "Here, Radio Andorre" from Victoria Zorzano.

1940: The war having erupted in France, the transmissions are only made in
Spanish and Catalan from July to October.

1946: Victoria Zorzano leaves the station to marry an owner of car
dealership in the principality of Andorra

1948: Several incidents of interference of the station occur, and France
prohibits border access [border sanctions] to discs and radiophonic
material. Radio Andorre demonstrates and complains to the director general
of the RDF, retrieving damages payments and interest.

1949: the measures taken the year before are recognised as illegal by the
French state.

1956: Increase in the signal strength.

1960: The Marquet brothers take over the station that they will develop
until its last broadcast.

1961: A radio contract of 20 years is signed with the SOFIRAD [the
regulatory body].

1964: The station welcomes a stage of the Tour de France in the
principality of Andorra

1971: Death of Jacques Tremoulet.

1975: A long-wave transmission project in multiple European languages is
proposed and rejected, with Andorra using any resources to transmit this
program project.

1980: The Conseil des Vallees announce that it does not want to renew the
contract signed with SOFIRAD in 1961.

1981: April 2 - The station is called to end its transmission, which it
did as of 21st October. Resumption of emissions on the 8th April at 12:00,
but the final discontinuation of programs was on Thursday 9th April at
20:55 under order of the Andorran police at the transmission station. The
next day, the sequestration of equipment takes place. The wages of
personnel continue to be given out between their decommissioning and
joining other national radio stations. Each member of the workforce still
present follows their daily routine or occupies themselves by remaining
loyal in the hope of a recommencement of transmissions. Unfortunately, in
November, the Marquet brothers announce to the some 38 people who have
remained loyal to their posts that Radio Andorre has conclusively ended.
The studios are abandoned and left unprotected, but the transmitter at
Lake Engolasters [Lac d'Engolasters] will never be taken down, remaining
silent for good.

1991: A fire completely ruined the studios, destroying the archives and
recordings abandoned since the closure of the station.
(via Making Contact, Oct WDXC-UK Contact magazine direct and via dxld)

AUSTRIA/FRANCE/FR GUIANA/GERMANY    Some changes of Media Broadcast (MBR):
former DTK - T-Systems

New schedule of Brother Stair in English:
1300-1500  6110 WER 100 kW 300 deg to WeEu, cancelled from July 30
1500-1600  6110 MOS 100 kW 300 deg to WeEu, cancelled from July 30
1400-1500 13810 NAU 100 kW 127 deg to N/ME, x1400-1600 from Aug. 9
1500-1600 17485 WER 100 kW 160 deg to CeAf, cancelled from July 30
1800-1900  9895 WER 500 kW non-dir to N/ME, x1800-2000 from Aug. 9
1900-2000  7425 WER 100 kW 120 deg to N/ME, cancelled from July 30
1900-2000  6155 WER 100 kW 300 deg to WeEu, x1900-2100 from Aug. 9

FEBA Radio "Radio Sadaye Zindagi" in Dari, new from Oct. 1:
1600-1630 11835 WER 250 kW 090 deg to WeAs Daily. For B-10 11895

Voice of Oromia Liberation Front in Oromo from Aug. 17:
1600-1630 11975 WER 500 kW 135 deg to EaAf Sun/Thu, ex Sun/Tue/Thu

Pan American Broadcasting in English, cancelled txion from Sep .5:
1600-1630 13830 WER 100 kW 090 deg to WeAs Sun

Radiyo Y'Abadanga Ababaka in Swahili from Oct. 2:
1700-1730 15410 ISS 250 kW 140 deg to EaAf Sat, ex 1700-1800

Ethiopia Adera Dimtse Radio in Amharic, cancelled txion from Aug. 7:
1700-1800 13820 NAU 500 kW 140 deg to EaAf Sat

Radio Oromiyaa Liberation in Oromo/Amharic, cancelled txion from Aug. 13:
1730-1800 13830 NAU 125 kW 140 deg to EaAf Fri

Save the Gambia Democracy Project in English+local, cancelled from Oct. 2
1815-1830 15225 NAU 125 kW 221 deg to WeAf Sat

Bible Voice Broadcasting Network in English from Sep. 5:
1345-1500 15265 ISS 250 kW 083 deg to SoAs Sun, ex 1415-1500
1700-1800  9645 WER 125 kW 120 deg to N/ME Sun, ex 1730-1800

Bible Voice Broadcasting Network in Arabic from Sep. 15:
1615-1700 11645 ISS 100 kW 115 deg to N/ME Mon/Wed, ex 1545-1700

Bible Voice Broadcasting Network in Amharic from Sep. 7/9:
1630-1700 13810 ISS 100 kW 131 deg to EaAf Tue, ex 1600-1700
1630-1830 13810 ISS 100 kW 131 deg to EaAf Thu, ex 1630-1800
1730-1830 13810 ISS 100 kW 131 deg to EaAf Tue, ex 1730-1800

Bible Voice Broadcasting Network in Russian from Aug.20:
1800-1815  6130 WER 125 kW 055 deg to EaEu Fri, ex 1800-1845

Bible Voice Broadcasting Network in English from Oct.2:
1815-1845  6130 WER 100 kW 055 deg to EaEu Sat, ex 1830-1845

Bible Voice Broadcasting Network in En, cancelled txion from Aug. 6:
1830-1900  9430 WER 250 kW 120 deg to N/ME Fri

Bible Voice Broadcasting Network in French from Sep.8:
2045-2115  9485 WER 125 kW 210 deg to WCAf Wed, ex 2000-2115

WYFR Family Radio in new language, maybe Creole, eff from Aug. 27
0100-0200  9830 GUF 250 kW 306 deg to CeAm. For B-10 11730

WYFR Family Radio in English:
1300-1400 15225    NAU 500 kW 078 deg to SEAs, cancelled from Sep. 9
1800-1900 NF 11785 WER 500 kW 165 deg to SoAf, ex 9880 eff. Aug. 4
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

AUSTRIA/CROATIA   6155.00  Somebody on the Zagreb Deanovec staff 'slept'
this morning, slipped on the keypad. Croatian Radio 5-8 UT broadcast 10
kHz down on ORF OE1 Moosbrunn Austria frequency. A terrible sound mixture
here in Germany. At 0615 UT ORF Moosbrunn ended their transmission now.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

AUSTRIA   Since, for me, most DXing observations are retrospective, these
days, the special Austrian broadcast schedule to mark the formation of
ARMS brings to mind another Austrian military radio operation. After WWII,
Austria did not regain full independence until 1955. And five years later,
its young military began participating in world peacekeeping missions (in
the Congo) in 1960. Later Austrian troops would serve on peace missions in
Cyprus, the Middle East and many other places.

In this regard, I remember fondly OEY21, Schulungssender des
Oesterreichischen Bundesheeres, the Austrian Army Radio which was
headquartered in Vienna. At 1000 watts on 6255 kHz, they were REAL DX here
in the central US.

In early 1972 I was fortunate enough to catch them during one of their
"occasional" Wednesday early morning programs,

which, when used, was 0500-0700. Normal regular schedule then was Mo-Fr
1000-1200 and 1500-1900. While this was called a "training transmitter" I
always believed that a major purpose was to broadcast from home to their
peacekeeping troops then in Cyprus. Perhaps some of our European friends
have additional background on this long gone, but fascinating bit of DX,
at least for me.
(Don Jensen-USA, dswci DXW Oct 6)

Yes indeed, I remember it also. Nice long QSL card with an abstract
antenna logo. No power quoted on it, but 1 kW fits the memory (from WRTH?)
also. My QSL was for a midweek broadcast after 1500 in October 1972.

The only new information I can add is that the card had 2 call signs
printed on it along with the one frequency of 6255. The second call was
OEY52. Perhaps OEY21 was their Clark Kent call. If that's right, I don't
know what the conditions were for them to change to being Superman.
(aumas-UK, DXplorer Oct 4)

6255, 5035, 3378.  "Schulungssender des Oesterreichischen Bundesheeres" -
Austrian Army Broadcast Training Station - was situated in a Vienna
barracks with the call OEY21 (OEY being the Army call area). There was an
outlet in Salzburg, OEY21, allocated but not active. It would have been
activated in case of a national catastrophe or crisis that necessitated
the evacuation of the government to an excluse nearby. Vienna studio,
transmitter and aerial were located originally downtown later in the 12th
district, not exactly in the outskirts.

Main purpose of the station was to train recruits of the telegraph corps
to operate a bc service, particularly in case of emergencies when regular
bc transisssions were interrupted. the national radio was occupied by
enemy forces etc. But how can you run a station without a programme,
without contents - which was not the main purpose of OEY21. They filled
airtime with music, a morse code training, and occasional announcements
(which misdled Don to think they were destined to keep in touch with their
peacekeeping troups in Cyprus etc. In fact there was a separate service
for that purpose, "Heimatfunk" - Calling Home.

The main problem of the station was that it had to transmit outband. To
somehow find a solution, they stated regularly: "this programme is
destined for army internal purposes only and not for public broadcasting".
On the other hand it was important that _every_ Austrian should learn
about the existence of OEY21, in order to tune to the station in case of
emergency. This conflict could not be solved, and consequently the station
was closed down. For some time they operated into an artificial antenna.
A broadcast studio was built in the inner caves of Salzburg mountain, the
government retreat center. It is permanently manned but so far was never
used. Enjoy the QSL scans.

73 Wolf OE1WHC, Harranth-AUT, DXplorer Oct 6
Documentary Archives Radio Communication
(QSL Collection)
ORF/QSL Argentinierstr. 30A. A-1040 Wien, Austria
+43-1-50101-16071 / Mob (+43676)0676-4012585
<office @>  <>   Oct 6

Following up the item about the special Austrian Military Radio Society
broadcasts I found that their website has an English page with details of
the broadcast and a history of the organisation:

(Mike Barraclough-UK, dxld Oct 7)

BELARUS   7235  Belarus domestic radio in Belarus language, S=9+10dB that
day, 0424 UT Oct 5.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 5)

BELIZE   Re: "Glenn, Belize antennas were not rhombics but phased H
polarized dipoles. There is an illustration in the TCI catalogue as they
made them although they were actually designed by Carl Smith. Each was
supported by 8 towers not poles. They were pointed in a southerly
direction for skywave propagation into central American countries which
were of concern to the U.S. government of the time. And they were on 1530
and 1580 kHz."

Glenn, I was just triaging my e-mail file, and noticed I told you that
this antenna was supported by 8 towers. That's actually wrong, I now
remember, as it used 10 towers.
(Ben Dawson-WA-USA, dxld Oct 7)

Listened on 1580 kHz when I was on tour variously to Mexico and Guatemala.

BONAIRE   Amateur Radio DXpedition to Bonaire-ATN Oct 10-24.
As you may have read on the RNW website, on Oct 10, 2010 the Netherlands
Antilles will cease to exist as a country within the Kingdom of the
Netherlands and the status of the individual islands will change as

* St. Maarten and Curacao [sic] will become independent countries within
the Kingdom and will be granted the same status that Aruba attained in

* Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius will be given the status of a public
body (a kind of special municipality) in the Netherlands and will
therefore fall directly under Dutch rule.

To mark the occasion, a group of 15-20 radio amateurs from several
countries have joined forces to activate special transmissions from
Bonaire between October 10-24, 2010. The primary focus will be all HF
bands from 160 to 10 meters including the WARC bands. The team will focus
on all modes including SSB, CW and various digital modes. Further
information about the callsigns to be used will be published on the
special website <>

Various locations on the island will be used, but the primary location is
the RNW shortwave transmitter site. Its impressive antenna park provides
up to 21 dBd gain. The radio amateurs have been granted use of the
antennas during their "dead hours" on the HF bands, between 1230 and 1830
UTC. It's planned to operate from the RNW facility on 30, 20, 15 and 17

Between 11 and 15 October, the RNW facility will also serve another
purpose. A group of schoolchildren from Bonaire will be contacting another
group of children in the Netherlands who will be the guest of Dutch ham
PD1DX. This will provide an opportunity for the group of new Dutch country
citizens to ask each other questions in order to get to know one other a
little bit better.

All QSOs will be QSL'd through the services of Global QSL who will be
responsible for printing and distributing cards to all QSL bureaus
worldwide. If you do not use a QSL bureau or would like to send for a
direct confirmation, all QSL information will be published on the website
(Andy Sennitt-HOL, RNW MN blog Oct 7 via dxld)

BULGARIA  All DRM txions of BNR/R.Bulgaria have been suspended from Aug 25
0400-0700  9400 SOF 050 kW 306 deg to WeEu BNR Horizont HS-1 Fri
0600-0900 11900 SOF 050 kW 306 deg to WeEu BNR Horizont HS-1 Sat/Sun
0900-0930 11900 SOF 050 kW 306 deg to WeEu BNR Euranet English Sat/Sun
0900-1200 11900 SOF 050 kW 306 deg to WeEu BNR Horizont HS-1 Mon-Thu
1530-1600  9400 SOF 050 kW 030 deg to EaEu Radio Bulgaria in Russian
1630-1700  9400 SOF 050 kW 306 deg to WeEu Radio Bulgaria in German
1700-1730  9400 SOF 050 kW 306 deg to WeEu Radio Bulgaria in French
1730-1800  9400 SOF 050 kW 306 deg to WeEu Radio Bulgaria in English
1800-1900  9400 SOF 050 kW 306 deg to WeEu Radio Bulgaria in Bulgarian
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

CANADA   6159.98  CKZU Vancouver, 1246-1302 Ut on Oct 4. News, features,
wake-up fare on "The Early Edition" (CBC Radio One); traffic at 1250 UT;
weather at 1251 UT; mentions of 690 kHz AM (heard here in \\ with a good
signal) and 88.1 FM; no mention of SW. Good signal.
(John Wilkins-CO-USA, DXplorer Oct 6)

CHAD   6165  RNT, Oct 9 at 2254 UT, hilife music with French comments
interspersed, considerably better signal than Lithuania; 2301 UT, "Ici
Ndjamena, La Station(?) Nationale", brief NA by military band until
2302:30, carrier stayed on a while. I assume this is back to normal
schedule following Ramadan, -2300 Sats, unlike -2230 otherdays. RN
Venezuela did not reappear as it had once recently on this unscheduled
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 10)

CHILE   17680  CVC transmitter way out of whack, Oct 6 at 1345 UT, some
distortion on fundamental, but putting huge splatter over most of the 16m
band, detectable between 17400 and 17840, worst peaks around 17630 and
17730 kHz during Spanish talk, and then music, disrupting numerous other

If at the transmitter site Calera de Tango, alarms are not going off, why
aren't they monitoring it off the air back at Miami studios? Next check at
1620, however, splatter was gone.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 6)

CHINA   Xinjiang PBS reactived, some frequency that stopped from April 28
reactivated from Oct. 9.

Xinjiang PBS reactivated frequency
Chinese s/on at 2000 UT on Oct 9 on 4820 5935 6050 7450 7240 kHz
Tibetan s/on at 2100 UT on Oct 9 on 4905 4920 5240 6110 6130 6200 7255
7385 kHz. de Hiroshi
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN  NDXC, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

CHINA  [and non]   I notice very little 21 MHz loggings in CONTACT
Magazine, probably a combination of long-going poor HF conditions (very
few sunspots) and much noise in urban areas. Anyway I keep a close
listening watch across 21 MHz frequencies and hear regulars such as:

21470 21660 BBC WS
21485 21525 Family Radio
21540 21570 21610 REE Madrid
21620 RFI Paris (English 1200) & BBC Africa (French 1200)
21655 Portugal
21695 Libya Arabic as well as other frequencies
21780 Deutsche Welle (French & German).

but in recent days have noticed what seem to be Domestic Services in
Chinese (mainland) some \\ to transmissions in the 17 MHz band. First
noticed in mid-August at 0640: 21500 kHz two services at S7 clashing 21550
two services at S5, one definitely Chinese 21690 kHz again two services,
one definitely Chinese

Why two programmes clashing? What services and target areas are these?
Heard strong one day, later days down in noise. September 11 at 0850 UT on
21705 kHz two or three Chinese transmissions, two programs, at 0900 UT ads
and time signal all off at 0902 UT. Also another Chinese on 21530 kHz with
4 time beeps at 1100 UT and off.

September 12 on 21705 kHz again and found same programme on 17890, 17855,
17605, 17580 and 17775 kHz. Why such high frequencies for domestic

Then this week to Spain [postmark looks like 20th - aw] with Sangean ATS
receiver, 40 foot wire from bedroom window, lots of hash noise (plasma
TV's ?) and at 0650 I again noted a number of 21 MHz Chinese with one
network across 21500, 21550, 17650, 17615, 17565, 17550, and 17510 kHz;
with other programmes on 21500, 21550 & 17565 kHz. Most ceased at 0700 UT.
At 0705 UT I found 21705 kHz again echo or two transmitters, 0800 UT time
signal and off suddenly at 0900.

At 0845 getting weak (in noise) on 17560, 17650, and possibly 17775 kHz.
There are no 21 MHz frequencies for China in WRTH 2010, must check summer
up-date. Anyone else hearing these early morning Chinese (could be another
Chinese type language too, I cannot identify differences!).

I still hear slow pulse interference across shortwave 6.7 to 9 MHz, 10 to
13.5 MHz and 18.5 to 25 MHz. 5 pulses per second with about 6 dB variation
every 39.4 kHz. Bad on 7 and 21 MHz. No one has solved it for me yet -
source, technology or its use. A mystery network
(DES WALSH on holiday in Alicante, Spain, using longhand text, as no
computer facilities available, Oct WDXC-UK Contact magazine via dxld Oct

All (or most of) this Chinese on 21 and 17 MHz Des was hearing in the
mornings is jamming by China of Radio Free Asia. If you check their
schedule, you will find most of the frequencies, coming from sites in the
Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan or Tinian. I have often heard them around
0600 UT, even tho it's the middle of the night here. At this time the
jamming isn't usually making it here.

Unravelling whether you are hearing RFA or the jamming requires close
listening for IDs and/or comparing to other known frequencies of China and
RFA, plus the style of programming, musical cues used by RFA, etc.

The ChiCom MUST jam everything in Chinese and some other languages from R.
Free Asia, and to do so they mostly employ the main homeservice program
CNR1, often with double audio feed/echo to make it more annoying to listen
to, sometimes also distortion, noise, off-frequency heterodynes, or
additional jamming sources such as Firedrake music.  But it's mostly CNR1
and you can find \\ programming on countless other frequencies on lower
bands too, some of it axually intended for listening rather than jamming.

Of course the jamming transmitters are not listed as broadcasts in the
WRTH. The Aoki online frequency list does a good job of keeping up with
them, denoted by an asterisk next to the victim broadcaster.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, reply for next CONTACT, via dxld Oct 6)

Re: 21410 kHz InterModulation of China R Internat mix 21550 and 21690 kHz.

DJ9KR reported: Dear fellow Intruder Hunters,
Today I have agn heard at 0619 UTC and I am still hearing the IM3 of
ChinaRI on 21410 kHz. It is an IM product of 21550 and 21690 kHz. You find
the same px on all 3 QRGs. In addition there is a firedrake jammer on
21690 kHz.

The purpose of the transmission on 21550 and 21690 kHz is to jam western
Tx-ers. Direction is 80 degrs. from Southern Germany. Pse listen yourself.
Maybe you can hear the IM on 21410 kHz to report to your national
telecoms. authorities. Pse listen also to the attached file. Tnx.

Right at the end, there may have been something to identify the content,
but it was covered up by some noise that I am sure once Uli makes up a
cable for his new radio, he will not have to make recordings by what
sounds like acoustic coupling any more. ;^)

I can find no recent cluster spots of this intermod & no mention on the R1
MS logger, so maybe few know to even look for it.

Perhaps to protect us from somebody's incessant & unwanted propaganda, my
country is being thorough & now also targets potential intermods (0300-
0600 UT both 21550 & 21690 kHz are VoA from notoriously filthy Tinang in
DU; 0600-0700 UT on 21690 kHz they continue from A6-land - both intended
for reception here).

We here would be most grateful to help, should where this jamming signal
is coming from be narrowed down a bit more, and try to get word through to
them of a whole bunch of actual VoA intermods we also need to be protected
Happy China National Day to you all!
73, ex-VR2BG/p, Brett from  Hongkong. (intruderalert Oct 1)

Re: 21410 kHz IM of R.China mix 21550 kHz and 21690 kHz.

CHN  Dongfang 3 (Gancheng), Hainan Island - jamming site, 11 curtains, at
18 54 18.73 N  108 39 37.81 E

CHN  Qiqihar SW jamming site, at
47 21 25.99 N  124 14 54.78 E

CHN  Xingyang 7 masts, 6 SW ant, probably jamming site, at
34 51 08.16 N  113 25 42.77 E

not confirmed, but supposably, partly in addition to broadcasting
CHN  Kashgar 39 21 22.83 N  75 45 49.01 E

(vy 73 de Wolfgang  df5sx, intruderalert Oct 3)

Letzterer stoert diverse US Tibetisch und BBC Mandarin Programme um diese
chines. Morgenzeit um 2240 UT.

CNR Jamming: auf 5865, 7105, 7205, 7230, 7240, 7325 (2 tx echo, CNR
regulaer + Jamming gegen BBC Mandarin), 7405 (2 tx echo), 7505, 9455,
9510, 9580 gegen BBC Mandarin via Korea, 9845, 9880 - eine spezielle sehr
verbrummte Jammingunit, 9890, 11635, 11980 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 30)

CROATIA   6165.00  Croatian Radio Zagreb Deanovec is back on even
frequency. Wandered down up to 600 Hertz in past month. Croatian lang
program at 0616 UT on Sept 30.

3985.05 Croatian R at 0356 UT, nx at 0400 UT in Croatian, S=9+20dB.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 30/Oct 5)

CUBA   RHC La Habana in English nx at 0611 UT Sept 30 via Quivican Titan
5970 S=8, 6010 S=6-7, 6060 strongest here at S=9+10dB level, 6150 S=9 low
modulated, latter could be from old Bauta site?

5970 RHC En at 0355 UT Oct 5, S=8-9. 6000 deep fades of S=9 to S=9+15dB.
6060 RHC Spanish sce at 0417 UT, strongest S=9+20dB, 6110 S=9+10dB.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 30/Oct 5)

ERITREA   7175  on 09 Oct at 1540 UTC, Voice of the Broad Masses, in
presumed Amharic (according to schedule) with area music and announcements
by man. Station ID at 1558 UT and suddenly smashed by what appeared to be
strong DRM signal as viewed on the spectral display, however, although it
locked, there was no data. Fair signals with no QRM and some slight fading
up to that point.
(Albert Muick Kabul-AFG, hcdx Oct 10)

ETHIOPIA   7165  on 09 Oct at 1605 UTC, Radio Ethiopia (tent). Strong
carrier but very weak modulation. I could just barely make out the English
language by the male announcer. Taking turns with a female announcer and
many mentions of Ethiopia.
(Albert Muick Kabul-AFG, hcdx Oct 10)

FRANCE   7340  RFI Issoudun at 0625 UT Oct 10, S=9+30dB. Seldom strong
signals from ISS today in 41mb, due of usual dead zone, some 600 kms away.
French European culture report from Albertina Vienna exposition.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

GERMANY   5945 kHz  New UNIDentified on Oct. 10 only:
0800-0900 on 5945 WER 100 kW / non-dir to WeEUR Sun only
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1)

RTR2 - Power station zum Sendestart.
lt. Webseite <> from Oct 10 sundays 13-14 UT[though scheduled
13-15 UT] on 6180 kHz.

Quadrant antenna #926 in use at Wertachtal.
Designation: HQ n/h
n = number of elements stacked above the other
h = height of dipoles above the ground in wavelength
The design frequency is entered in a separate field of the requirement.

RTR Radio Europa
Postfach 15
B-4730 Raeren, Belgium

Rainer Thomas Peters, Tel: 0032 87 30 17 22
E-Mail:  <rtr-radio @>  <>
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Oct 10)

Re Demolition of Juelich transmitter site:
For new material it's also worth to keep an eye at this thread, with the
link to an auction of stuff from the transmitter site being so far the
latest entry:

(The photo at the top of this page in particular features the sloping wire
antenna for MW 702 kHz.)

Concerning the number of transmitters: In a reconstruction project,
carried out after 1985, the original transmitters from the fifties had
been replaced by 10 Telefunken S4001 (PDM, 100 kW) units. Two further
Telefunken transmitters, installed in 1968, have been kept.

Media Broadcast took away three transmitters prior to handing over the
site to Christian Vision. Two ones went to the Wertachtal plant where they
have been connected in the place of two old transmitters (one of the old
ones has been dismantled to clear the space for the incoming two S4001,
the other one still stands as dead corpse and is now cannibalized to keep
the remaining old transmitters running).

The third one went to Nauen where it is now in use with the well-known
steerable antenna that was until then idle since Deutsche Welle had
terminated the transmission contract for the old 100 kW transmitter
(Funkwerk Koepenick-GDR, 1964y) in 2000.

At this point the 1968 vintage transmitters had been withdrawn from
operations, as far as I know primarily because no spare tubes were
available anymore. And so seven operational transmitters were to be
counted in spring 2009.
(Kai Ludwig-D, shortwavesites yg Sept 30, also via dxld)

In the meantime I found that on Wed Sept 29 an auction was closed where
235 items of the workplace in Juelich were sold. No transmitters were on
the list. The auction you'll find here:


Here you can download a catalog with all items.
(ibid.? - RNW MN blog comments via dxld)

IRAN   Re UNID 7315 at 0427 to 0527 UT Oct 5. Thanks Mauno,
Yes today Oct 6 heard IRIB Tehran too. Is actually  n o t  Radio Dabanga.

UNID on 7315 kHz 0430-0527 UT (Interval signal from 0427 UT) is 100%
VOIROI/IRIB maybe in Kurdish \\ ?, ex0330-0427 UT on 7375 and 9715 kHz ?

VOIROI/IRIB in Kurdish for B-10 season at new time 0430-0527 UT on 6170
and 9610 kHz. ex 0330-0427 UT on 3945 and 6145 kHz in B-09.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

7315 Unidentified maybe Arabic to Sudanese Darfur region again?
0427-0430UT IS, regular Arabic from 0430 UT, Oct 5.

Hi OM, I checked it today and I think it was Kurdish from Iran.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

UNID  7315  Unidentified from 0427-0430 UT interval, regular Arabic from
0430 UT, mentioned Sudan often, Oct 5, S=8-9 level in Germany. Most likely
another Radio Dabanga relay like in B-09 season? in Arabic and Sudanese.

Is that like in B-09 season?
7315 0430-0527 ISS 500 143 PNW Mul Daily eAF
7315 0430-0527 47E,48,52E,53 ISS 500 143 0 211 251009-280310 Mul F PNW RNW

RNW website schedule shows these two entries only.
04 29 05 27 DHA 13730 255 28-03-2010 31-10-2010 500 PNW Mul Darfur
04 29 05 27 MDC 13600 330 28-03-2010 31-10-2010 250 PNW Mul Darfur

13600MDG under threshold, only carrier heard here.
13730UAE very weak, but program traced was not exact time \\ to 7315 kHz.

13730 channel suffers heavily by an unidentified carrier on 13729.00 even,
seems disturbtion by Sudanese government to sent out interference tone of
1000 Hz against Darfur broadcast?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 5)

ISRAEL    Frequency change of Kol Israel in Persian from Aug. 16:
1400-1530 NF 15760 ISR 300 kW 090 deg, ex 11595*\\ 13850 Sun-Thu
1400-1500 NF 15760 ISR 300 kW 090 deg, ex 11595 \\ 13850 Fri/Sat
* to avoid Radio Free Asia in Tibetan from 1500 + Chinese jammer

Time change of Kol Israel in Persian from Sep. 12:
1500-1630 15760 ISR 300 kW 090 deg \\ 13850 Sun-Thu, ex 1400-1530
1500-1600 15760 ISR 300 kW 090 deg \\ 13850 Fri/Sat, ex 1400-1500
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

KYRGYZSTAN   4050.04  Radio Rossii, via Krasnaya Rechka, Bishkek, 0000-
0015 UT, Sept 27, Russian music and ID's, occasional CWQRM, 44544.

4795.01  Kyrgyz R 1, Krasnaya Rechka, Bishkek, 0105-0120 UT on Oct 03,
conversation in Kyrgyz with low modulation, QRM AIR Hyderabad 4800 kHz,
34322 \\ 4010 kHz.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Oct 6)

LIBERIA   3960  Star Radio (presumed). October 10 at 0529-0546 UT. African
music, male in an uncertain language because signal was very weak to
identify. 25232.
(Lucio Otavio Bobrowiec-B, hcdx Oct 10)

LITHUANIA   6130  NHK R Japan relay in Russian via Sitkunai-LTU.scheduled
0430-0500 UT, but carrier heard very early around 0418 UT Oct 5. S=9+35dB
very strong that day, only back lobe antenna signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 5)

Special RMRC Broadcast via Sitkunai Lithuania site on 9 October.

The Rhein-Main Radio Club ("RMRC") of Frankfurt, Germany, will broadcast
two programs concerning Radio St. Helena Day 2009 on Saturday, Oct 9, 2010
using the 100 kW transmitting facilities at Sitkunai in Lithuania.

Target Area   Time (UTC) Frequency Language
Europe        1530-1630  9770      German
North America 2230-2330  6130      English

Each program will be hosted by the RMRC. There will be several audio clips
taken from a studio recording of RSD 2009. Robert Kipp will comment on
these audio clips and present other information about RSH and RSD.

QSL cards for these programs will be issued only by the RMRC. Do not send
any e-mail or other reports directly to RSH.

Electronic reception reports to <mail @ RMRC.DE>
Postal mail reception reports to:

Postfach 70 0849
60558 Frankfurt am Main

Good listening and best 73 de
Robert Kipp-D, Rhein-Main Radio Club  <www.RMRC.DE>
(Robert Kipp-D in DXplorer Oct 1)

RMRC Broadcasts on 09. October 2010 concerning RSD 2009.
NO Return Postage needed for the RMRC QSL-card.

It is NOT required to send any return postage for a QSL-card from the
Rhein-Main Radio Club for the broadcasts on 09. October 2010. A valid
reception report and the name and address of the SWL are sufficient. It is
also possible to send a report and receive a QSL by E-mail.

The Sitkunai-Lithuania transmitter broadcasts with "AM"-modulation.
The RMRC hopes that these broadcasts can be heard all over the world.

With best 73, Robert Kipp
(Rich d'Angelo-USA, DXplorer Oct 8)

9770  RMRC broadcast at 9.10.2010, 1530-1630 via Sitkunai site, 259
degrees lobe into Western Europe.

Wonderful strong signal of S=9+35dB, here in Stuttgart, Germany, centered
in the main lobe of the 259 degrees outlet from Lithuania, no QRM.

China co-channel now heard at 1633 UT after Sitkunai ceased transmission,
but CRI Hakka bcast weak in 212 degrees from Urumchi site, in direction of
Bombay, Maledives/Seychelles, Madagascar and Eastern South Africa.

... and three seconds bargain of HCJB's German feed too, bcast on 9770 kHz
instead of scheduled 5940 kHz from 1630 UT regularly.

Same excellent transmission signals from Sitkunai heard already 40 years
ago on USSR era. But not that happening content ... :-)

[later] 6130  TCI-California antenna beamed in direction of 310 degrees
serves a powerful signal in target zones 4,7,8,9,10,11 in North America.

6130 here in Stuttgart only co-channel CNR Lhasa Tibet in English (!) with
typical Chinese dance music, S=9+10dB, 2230 UT Oct 9.

>From 2234 UT onwards heard the St. Helena Happening broadcast TINY

In an angle difference of 51 degress ... to main lobe via TCI 8-dipol
beast at 310 degrees.

Danke RMRC und Harald fuers Ereignis. 73 wb
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews / DXplorer Oct 9)

9770 kHz RMRC St. Helena special.
In Freising hab ich die zweiten Haelfte der Sendung mit dem Tecsun PL-380
am Kuechentisch gehoert. SINPO 55544, auch bei 6 kHz Bandbreite kein QRM.
Ein Synchrondetektor haette aus dem P=4 ein O=5 gemacht. Um 1630 UTC kurze
deutsche ID von HCJB, dann Stecker gezogen. Danach leise asiatische
Klaenge auf der Frequenz.
(Guenter Lorenz-D, A-DX Oct 9)

The special broadcast on 9770 kHz at 1530-1630 UT also well heard with
some buzz in the audio at my location in NW England. There was an
announcement from an HCJB German broadcast at the end of transmission!
Signal strength 20dB+ over 9 with co-ch QRM during at least the last half
hour, so probably CRI Urumchi in Hakka. Heard at fair strength when
Sitkunai left the frequency.
(Noel R. Green-UK, dxld Oct 9)

9770  RMRC - Excellent in Toronto, Canada at 1625 TI!
(Tony Ward-TN-CAN  VE3NO, NYAA Starfest, <>
DXplorer Oct 9)

9770  RMRC - Great signal from RMRC at 1625 UT, no QRM.
[later] 6130  Fabulous signal throughout the entire honor; I'd give it a
SINPO 5 5 5 4 4-5.

6130   Rhein Main Radio Club (via Sitkunai Lithuania), special on RSHD and
other topics; carrier on at 2229 UT Oct 9, ID, talk about SW calendar,
RMRC DX camp and other activities, mx ("Like A Drug," "Can't Stop the
World," "Down Yonder," etc.); into talk about RSHD history, many studio-
quality audio clips of the 2009 RSHD program at 2302 UT; gave postal, e-
mail addresses and RMRC URL at 2327; closing anmt, tuning melody, off
2332:30 UT. Excellent signal. Also fair during the German broadcast at
1530-1630 UT on the same day, 9770 kHz.
(Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer Oct 9)

9770 - R. Saint Helena Day [non] imminent from Lithuania. In Barcelona,
Spain no problem all over hour sinpo 45444 varies very little. No QRM, no
interference. I have audio clip to upload from podomatic in a while.
(Tomas Mendez-ESP,  <> dxld Oct 9)

Generally fair here from *1530 UT on 9770 kHz with some readable peaks. A
recording of R. St Helena with ID heard clearly just prior to 1600 UT.
Hopefully the 2230-2330 UT beam to NoAM on 6130 kHz will make it through.

[later]  Huge signal on clear freq 6130 kHz at *2230 UT with Rhein-Main
Radio Club English program to NoAM.
(John Herkimer-NY-USA, DXplorer Oct 9)

Rheinland - Hallo in die Runde, also hier kommt die Sendung auf 9770 kHz
mit mit 45554 ausgezeichnet an. Zur Zeit laeuft ein Bericht von Robert
Kipp ueber den St. Helena Day.
(Reinhard Meier-D, A-DX Oct 9)

Oesterreich - Mein Ergebnis ist aehnlich, 45544. Wobei "P" bei mir
zwischen 4~5 schwankend ist.
(Heiko Mandel-AUT, A-DX Oct 9)

Re 9770 - Ein Highlight fuer DXer, HCJB wieder mal auf 9.7 MHz zu hoeren.
So wie seinerzeit taeglich fruehmorgens.
S = 9+50dB in Salzburg. So gut hatte ich St. Helena hier noch nie.

Dem RMRC ein herzliches Danke fuer die hoerenswerte Sendung!

73 Christoph Ratzer OE2CRM, A-DX Oct 9
<>  <>

RMRC to NoAM on 6130-LTU.
RMRC, 6130 kHz, 2228-2332 UTC. Strange enough but reception here (South-
Eastern Ukraine) was comparatively good (34433) on my Degen DE-1103
(telescopic aerial). Slight interference from CNR Lhasa, Tibet. Thank you,
RMRC. It was truly a wonderful broadcast.
(Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR, dxld Oct 10)

Rhein-Main Radio Club via Sitkunai on October 9:
1530-1630 on 9770 SIT 100 kW / 259 deg to WeEu. SINPO 54554, with slight
interference till 1600 UT by Deutsche Welle in Swahili and from 1600 UT by
China Radio International in Hakka.

2230-2330 on 6130 SIT 100 kW / 310 deg to NoAM. SINPO 44554, with slight
interference by PBS Xizang in English/Tibetan.
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

6130 kHz Rhein-Main Radio Club, at 2252 UT tune in talking with Robert
Kipp about the history of Radio St. Helena Day. Into Eagles tune at 2258
UT. Very Good.
(Mick Delmage-AB-CAN, DXplorer Oct 10)

Powerful signal from carrier on at 2228. IS, ID into pgming, which
continues strong at 2350 UT.
(Don Jensen-WI-USA, DXplorer Oct 10)

RMRC 6130 - S=59+15dB on Perseus to K9AY at 2315 UT from Whitby ON (25 mi
NE of Toronto). Nearly as strong at s/on; carrier on at 2229 UT on the
button... A very enjoyable program! Good copy on a barefoot CCrane-SW.
(Tony Ward (VE3NO), NYAA Starfest <> DXplorer Oct 10)

Rhein-Main Radio Club special RSH 2009 broadcast via Sitkuani-LTU on 6130
kHz, 2230-2330 UT - English with clips of RSH 2009 broadcast, comments,
QSL details. Initially poor but improving to fair by 2330 UT. Transmitter
left on until 2332 UT.
(Brandon Jordan-TN-USA, Perseus SDR, Wellbrook K9AY, Welbrook ALA330S.
<>   <>  hcdx Oct 9)

6130  RMRC made it's appearance [in CAN] here from about 2308 to 23:30* UT
with Robert Kipp's commentary, noted a ID at 2310 UT, dialogue, and the
close their closing annmts with e-mail address/website information, with
some sort sign-off ballad. Signal was just audible initially and gradually
improved to about s3 at sign-off. I agree with James Ronda, if they had
stayed on for another hour if would made better copy, especially at local
sunset conditions.
(Edward Kusalik-Daysland-Alb-CAN, DXplorer Oct 10)

Die englischsprachige Sendung des RMRC auf 6130 kHz ab 2230 UT ist im
Zielgebiet [Kanada und oestlicher Teil der USA, wb.] nach ersten Meldungen
sehr gut zu hoeren, hier dominiert das englische Programm Holy Tibet aus
Lhasa, Tibet, China.
(ibid. Oct 9)

Das ueberrascht mich. Nachdem ich das deutschsprachige Programm am
Nachmittag leider verpasst hatte, war die englische Sendung in der Nacht
auf 6130 kHz hier an der Unterweser gut zu hoeren. Zwar konnte ich im
Hintergrund auch den Sender aus Lhasa wahrnehmen, aber das Signal aus
Sitkunai war eindeutig dominant. Nach 2300 UTC wurden die Tibeter dann
lauter, trotzdem liessen sich die Audioclips von Radio St. Helena noch gut
verfolgen. Danke fuer die Sondersendung!
73 aus der Naehe von Bremerhaven,
(Felix Riess-D  DL5XL {ex Antarctica stn}, A-DX Oct 10)

RMRC Sondersendung zu St. Helena.
Hallo Freunde, ein ganz kleiner Trost fuer alle, die weder die deutsche
noch die englische Sendung hoeren konnten:

Wir werden die Sendung am kommenden Samstag 16.10.2010 nochmals
ausstrahlen, dann allerdings per I-Radio ueber Straemerp2p
Rmrc Radio 1  ab 21.00 UTC deutsch und anschliessend English.

Auf die Seite  <>  gehen und click RMRC Radio 1,
evtl. streamer runterladen und installieren, dann ist RMRC radio1
in der Liste der Online Radios zu finden.

Empfangsberichte zur RMRC KW-Sendung ab dem 16.10.2010 werden dann in
Fall nur noch mit einer mail-QSL Karte bestaetigt.

ist nur ein Trost, ich weiss, ist keine Kurzwelle, dafuer in guter
Qualitaet. beste 73
RMRC - Dr. Harald Gabler, A-DX Oct 10

MADAGASCAR    Frequency changes of Radio Dabanga in Arabic from Oct. 1:
0430-0527 NF 13620 MDC 250 kW 330 deg to Sudan, ex 13600 \\ 13730 DHA
1530-1727 NF 11510 MDC 250 kW 330 deg to Sudan, ex 11500 \\ 13730 WER
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

MALI   5995.00,  R Mali, Kati, Bamako, at 2311-2335 UT on Sep 22 and 26,
French talks alternating a very low voice, maybe from outside, African
folksongs, statics, 23232.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Oct 6)

MONGOLIA   4895  Mongoliin R 2, Murun, *2300-2330, Oct 04, IS, Mongolian
short ann, National Hymn, 2303 UT talk by man and woman with pop music
interludes, later native instrumental music by orchestra, 45433, heard
\\ Khonkhor 7260 kHz: 35333. The same programme 2 was heard, however
7260 kHz was about 20 seconds ahead of 4895 kHz! 4830 kHz was not heard.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Oct 6)

209  One of the Mongolians on 209 kHz logwave is carrying a seperate px
w/music on Kuzu Gosui's wav file (recorded last month) the other tx's are
\\ 164 & 227 kHz any ideas?
(Tim Bucknall-UK, mwoffsets Oct 7)

1 -
MNG  Oelgiy Ulgii (Bayan province. Oeloegey (Ulegei) Oelgiy)
209 kHz 30 kW, Tesla DRV30x2 tx
48 57 24.50 N  89 58 13.15 E

tx house some 649 meters northwards
48 57 45.66 N  89 58 11.90 E


2 -
MNG  Choybalsan (Dornod province)
LW 209 kHz 75 kW
G.E. image of Nov 3, 2007 is the best
48 00 17.33 N  114 27 18.20 E

MNG Choybalsan MW 1350 kHz non-dir 150 kW
48 00 21.08 N  114 26 07.48 E

MNG Choybalsan 1350 500 kW 8-mast directional in 150
48 00 02.70 N  114 26 17.42 E

originally used for Radio Moscow Mandarin service Peking dialect, in 1987
to 1992 in direction of Peking.

Since 2009 in use for US IBB Voice of America/Radio Free Asia service in
Korean to both Koreas.

3 -
MNG  Dalanzadagad (Oemnoegovi province)
LW 209 kHz 75 kW, transformed formerly MW 1350 kHz unit
43 31 54.45 N  104 24 41.65 E

website now  <>
(formerly much better photo image website which is broken now)



88% of the population is muslim Kazakh, so maybe Oelgiy Ulgii Bayan
transmit a separate program ? - only my guess.

"The culture of the Kazakh majority is strongly influenced by
Islamic traditions. The mosque of Oelgii also houses the Islamic
Center of Mongolia. It is placed at an unusual angle within the
fabric of the city, because the building was oriented exactly
towards Mecca.
There's also a Madrasah (Islamic school) at the same place."
(wb, mwoffsets Oct 7)

MYANMAR   5985.84  Myanma R, Yegu, Yangon, 1229-1255, Oct 02, talk in
Bamar, QRM from WYFR 5985 kHz until 1253* and from *1255 UT DRM from
Brandon 5995 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, via dswci DXW Oct 6)

Also at 1520-1542 UT, Sep 21, English pops and occasional ann in Bamar and
English. Full station ID in English at 1530 UT into English news and
commentary with some symphonic music into Bruce Springsteen (!) at 1542
UT. Very strong signals with some initially bad QRM from CRI on 5990 kHz
which gradually subsided.
(Thomas Lindenthal DO3TL and Al Muick-AFG in HCDX; via dswci DXW Oct 6)

MYANMAR   594  New mediumwave installation at Naypyidaw, G.E. shows a tall
antenna on the image of 15 Jan 2006.

Yahoo maps, MS Virtual Earth, Google Earth imagery. Some high resolution
place. VE Update - Google Earth V.5 historical image.

BRM  MW 594 kHz  Nay Pyi Taw new Capital
19 45 26.33 N  96 11 18.32 E
moved a little bit on image of 2010:
19 45 26.38 N  96 11 17.97 E

On image of 4 March 2010 probably tropical band / 49mb antenna,
2-3 smaller masts at 19 45 24.25 N  96 11 17.14 E

Looks like dipols of sw antenna in direction of 52 / 232 degrees.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

NIGERIA   7350  FRCN Abuja, Radio Nigeria, Abuja (domestic). Formerly as
Odd frequency [indicator] approx. on 7274.86 kHz, silenced from 12 Feb
2008 til Sept 28, 2010.

UNIDENTIFIED. The unID I reported to you on 7350 kHz is still being heard
- audible might be a better word to use. But on the 29 Sept. at 0633 UT it
was better than usual, and a man and woman were heard speaking in English.
But I could only copy occasional words due to a still weak signal and
local noise. I tried to compare with other broadcasts that have English at
that time but didn't find anything comparable. The signal descended into
the mush around 0640 UT or so, and has not been as well heard again since.
It was traceable today at 0615 UT but didn't improve.
(Noel Green-UK, dxld Oct 1)

UNIDENTIFIED   7350 kHz - Noel Green in England has been hearing a weak
unlisted station in English at 0630 UT, so I start checking for it earlier
Oct 5: at 0542, 1 kHz tone test, 0558 open carrier, marred by intermittent
"running water" ute bursts; 0559:30 music and announcement, more H2O, 0601
M&W intonation sounds English, but just too weak, still so at 0615 UT.

EiBi lists on 7350, RRI in Romanian until 0500 UT; Iran in Arabic until
0530 UT, but nothing in the following sesquihour. Aoki agrees except for -
0457* and -0527* UT. I suppose this could be a mixing product, perhaps
from a major station, if we could just pull enough audio to recognize or
\\ it. Then Noel replies:

"The station using 7350 kHz is no longer unID. It was heard again this
morning (Oct 5) at around 0630+ UT but again too weak in local noise for
me to identify. Mauno Ritola-FIN was on hand, and he heard it via his own
equipment and then identified it by using a remote receiver as "Radio
Nigeria National Service".

It was not \\ with V of Nigeria 15120, Mauno says, and so it's assumed to
be the Abuja transmitter formerly using 7275, which frequency now appears
empty. 7350 kHz is audible - just - through the hour at 0700 UT but it
cannot be ascertained whether it continues or not. The WRTH lists FRCN
Abuja as 0430-2130 UT on SW, but that has to be confirmed. Noel R. Green
(NW England)".

Why in the world don't SW stations moving to a brand new frequency notify
the DX world about it? But then that would deny us the thrill of
discovery, even if it take a while.

7350, R. Nigeria National Service, presumably Abuja ex-7275 kHz, as IDed
by Mauno Ritola via Noel Green, again Oct 6 at 0612 UT very poor signal,
but they did pick a nice clear frequency; just needs more oomph.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 6)

Glenn, The Radio Nigeria Abuja National Station has been missing from 7275
for about 3 weeks now. This morning I heard it on a new frequency of 7350:

7350 kHz - 6 Oct at 0629 UT, Radio Nigeria Abuja, with Radio Nigeria
Network News. 0700 UT, ID as "The Voice of Unity", followed by scheduled
programme in Pidgin English. 0730, show from the network service,
"Consumer Speaks". 0800 UT, programmes in Hausa.
(James MacDonell-NIG, dxld Oct 6)

Hell dear Noel,
Patrick from Austria heard Nigeria this morning Oct 9th on new 7350 kHz,

>> Radio Nigeria at 0600 UT on 7350 kHz in Englisch ID and Nx. 24332

so seemingly VoNigeria new Abuja site, finnished by Thomson engineers
already in November 2009, will now start regular broadcasts, - seemingly -
after 11 months ?

Older Abuja site on 7275 kHz, refurbished by Thomson engineers too, heard
also two weeks ago in our morning, - we had an item on DX scene already.
vy73 de Wolfy, Oct 9

7350  Oct 9 at 0559 UT, JBA carrier from presumed R. Nigeria, Abuja;
wonder if this will ever rise to audibility over here. Shame to have such
a nice clear frequency, with pitiful peanut power. Is anyone in Europe
hearing it in the evenings? But then it would collide with Russia,
Moldova, Iran, China, East Turkistan. Maybe there are some gaps when it
could be detected.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 9)

7350 kHz - Radio Nigeria Abuja.
I can hear 7350 kHz almost every morning around 0615/0630 UT, but always
at a weak strength which means that I cannot copy only an occasional word
of the transmission due to local noise levels.

But via remote receiver, Mauno heard the ID clearly as I wrote. It was not
the external service but the internal - National - one, so we assumed it
to be via the Abuja transmitter that had been using 7275 kHz. That's the
old refurbished unit I understand, and on the old site. Do you know what
type of antenna is being used?

When the new transmitters finally come on air I think we will hear them
with a much louder signal via their beamed antenna's. The external service
is of course 'Voice of Nigeria' and not Radio Nigeria.

Later this morning I wondered if what I heard on 6085 kHz could have been
a test from the new Abuja site - but would 6 MHz propagate at 0700 UT?
I'll have more time in the morning to listen to see if it is active again.

[later]  6085 was empty Oct 10 - nothing audible today. So I wonder if the
African music heard on Saturday Oct 9 was a test of some kind. It may be
worth checking again on weekdays.
(Noel Green-UK, to wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9/10)

Hello Noel, Patrick Robic from Austria heard Radio Nigeria this morning
Oct 9th on new 7350 kHz,

>> Radio Nigeria at 0600 UTC on 7350 kHz in Englisch ID and Nx. 24332

so seemingly Nigeria old refurbished Abuja site, which was due to come on
air again. Older Abuja site on 7275 kHz, refurbished by Thomson engineers
too, heard also two weeks ago in our morning, - we had an item on DX scene

Finnished new Abuja site by Thomson engineers already in November 2009,
will now also start regular broadcasts soon?, - seemingly - after 11
months ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

History - Ham operator Bodo Fritsche 5NOCH / DU9 / DL3OCH, took part on
the common Thomson Switzerland / Schifferstadt action at Abuja, Nigeria in

7275 kHz transmitter site is Radio Nigeria in Gwagwalarda. He visited that
site in November 2009 and made an EXPERTISE on this site equipment for the
Thomson management + FRCN R Nigeria/VoNigeria. The site is in very bad
shape. 2 x 100 kW transmitter need to be overhauled / repaired in 2010 by
Thomson engineer colleagues of his Thomson Swiss/Schifferstadt group, in
transmitter and antenna division.

7275 Gwagwalarda shortwave site facility will get the same modern control
system unit like at Lugbe site. He assume the 7275 kHz Gwagwalarda site
will be ready in regular service again in mid 2010.
[a little later, so Noel heard them on Sept 28 again  ... wb.]

He feel not certain of exact date, but the Gwagwalarda site is out of
service some years now."
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX  /  SW TXsite Dec 23, 2009)

Out of service from 13 Feb 2008 til Sept 28, 2010, all approx. acc
listeners monitoring. (wb)

UNID  6085  - {another Nigeria station? wb.}
Today (Saturday the 9th) there was a station audible on 6085 at 0650 UT
playing non-stop western/central African style music. Transmission went
through the hour without any announcement, and unfortunately I had to
leave at 0710 UT or so when it was still on air. Signal strength was
fairly good, up to about 6 on peaks, and the music was similar to what
I've heard via RASD on previous occasions. But of course it might not be
that station. 6297 was blocked by a digital noise transmission, and I did
not try elsewhere to hear RASD.
(Noel Green-UK, dxld Oct 9)

Our correspondent in Nigeria has already answered this question:
Since first hearing Radio Nigeria Abuja on new 7350 kHz, I've noticed the
station absent in the afternoons and evenings and was even wondering if
they are using a different frequency at those times. However, it turns out
the announced schedule is only from 0530 until 1200 UT daily. They seem to
be on continuously between those hours, rather than dropping off the air
from time-to-time when the local power supply goes out.

7350, Sat 9 October at 0552, only a test tone, 0555 National Anthem and
National Pledge followed by identification (frequency announced as old
7275) and promotions, then into Network News at 0600. Tune-in at 1150,
Hausa programme, ended at 1155 followed by ID and music, 1157 Islamic call
to prayer, 1159 closedown announcement and transmitter off at 1200.
Reception mostly strong but a little weak at sign-on suggesting that the
transmitter power is probably not very high.
(James MacDonell-NIG, dxld Oct 9)

So this explains why 7350 Radio Nigeria, Abuja is not being heard in our
evenings, and why the signal is so consistently weak here in Europe. Maybe
the full 100 kW is not being used, or could it be due to the type of
antenna that they have. I had great difficulty in hearing 7275 when they
used that frequency.

I also heard the RTTY signal near 7350 today - Sunday - and there was a
signal on 7350, but very weak today.

As I wrote elsewhere, there was no audible signal here on 6085 today
(Noel Green-UK, dxld Oct 10)

7350  Nothing heard here of Radio Nigeria Abuja this morning, at least on
my post. Scheduled 6-12 UT. But 7350 kHz is covered by speedy RTTY signal
on approx. 7348.11 kHz and around, S=7-8 level, ITU F1B telegraphy mode at
0627 UT Oct 10.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

7274.86 kHz.
7275 ended approx. 12 Feb 2008, according Carlos Goncalves in Portugal
12 Feb 2008 log. And Odd frequency [indicator] approx. 7274.86 kHz.

Last log in my archive, 7275 at 0810 on Oct 31 2006, FRCN Abuja, in
English, easy talk. 33333. (wb)
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX topnews Feb, 2008)

South of the MW 909 kHz mast

7350 is covered by speedy RTTY S=7-8 signal on 7348.11 kHz in F1B mode
from Norway?   15120 Voice of Nigeria, recreative WeAF music, S=9+20dB at
0720 UT Oct 10.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

RUSSIA   5930  Radio Rossii Monchegorsk, reklama program in Russian at
0407 UT Oct 5. Surprisingly S=9+10dB level. 4-5 UT is the best time slot
here in Germany to listen to the domestic Rossii stns in Northern part of
Russia, like Murmansk and Yakutsk. ... and even Belarus stations too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 5)

Seldom heard Sp/Port sce of VoRUS Moscow to Iberian peninsula noted via
Orzu TJK relay Oct 9 at 2000-2200 UT, IS & ID at 2000 UT. Co-channel CRI
Beijing tx site in Chinese towards CE&NoEUR.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

Yakutsk 100 kW 7230 or 7345 kHz ?
7230 kHz seems to be regular now in the mornings, but 7200 kHz seems to be
absent, more or less. 6160 kHz Arkhangelsk also seems to be back to its
former self. I am also having a weak and fluttery carrier on 7320 and
5940 kHz.
(Olle Alm-SWE, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 7)

ST. HELENA   Radio St. Helena Day am 09.10. oder nicht?

Werte Runde, leider bin ich ueberhaupt nicht auf dem Laufenden, was die
Nachrichten ueber den Radio St. Helena Day angeht. Ich komme gerade von
meiner Arbeit bei der wdr media group und habe den Kurier gelesen.

Was ist denn nun mit dem "Saenta Liena daei"? Gerne wuerde ich das in
meiner DX-Laube monitoren, weiss aber nicht, ob dieses Happening
ueberhaupt stattfindet.
(Silken Medert-D, A-DX Oct 7)

As reported previously, the broadcasts directly from Saint Helena have
been cancelled this year.

Das Happening findet erst wieder im Jahr 2011 statt. (wb)

ST. HELENA   We at Radio St. Helena are also VERY SAD to have to announce
the cancellation of RSD 2010. The problems with the tower holding the 3-
element Yagi antenna are such that we simply had no choice. There is no
chance to fix the tower in the next six weeks, but RSH is quite confident
that we will be able to broadcast a RSD 2011 program next year. At the
moment, I am investigating the possibility of setting up a wire antenna as
a temporary measure, but I am not at all sure whether we will be able to
do that. The technical resources on the VERY REMOTE island of St. Helena
are not so good. If anything needs to be ordered from England, then it
takes a lot of time and effort.
(Robert Kipp-D direct and via dxld, Sept 11)

aber als kleines Schmankerl gibt es eine Aussendung ueber Litauen am
morgigen Samstag 9. Okt. see under Lithuania.

SLOVAK REP   Our B10 schedule will be frozen and online in a couple of
weeks. The main change for our European, North Africa and Middle East
listeners is that 9515 will be moved back to 9510 on Sat and Sun mornings
CET to avoid mutual interference with another station that will be back to
9520 [R Liberty? wb.].

7290 will remain the same in the evenings (God help us and give us
strength in the 41 m.b.!). All times in our schedule for all broadcasts to
Europe will remain the at the same time according to CET, as we usually
do. Please check

for details and updates in the next few days.
[CET=UTC+2 in summer, CET=UTC+1 after Oct. 30, 2010]

As usual, we welcome your email and letters by email to:
<reports @>

Even if we do not have the financial and human resources to answer to all
letters, we do reply to all e-mails sent to this e-mail address. Your
letters and support really can keep our station alive in times when most
other stations decide to shut down. Your letters and comments are of the
greatest help to those who are able to finance our broadcasts, and keep us
on the air. Please get in touch with us or directly with those who hear on
the air, and not only with reception reports (please!), but especially
with comments and suggestions that are extremely useful to our program
producers. Thank you!
(Norton-ITA  NEXUS Milan, dswci DXW Sep 21)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   5020  SIBC, Honiara, at 0853-0903 UT on Sep 25, native
music alternating with talks in English "saturday..enjoy program", male in
discussion alternating with short music. Some QRM of 5025 kHz Radio
Rebelde, 33333.
(Lucio Otavio Bobrowiec-B, dswci DXW Oct 6)

Also heard at 1147-1202* UT on Sep 24, Tok Pisin taking a few phone calls,
pop song, 1157 UT Christian devotion in English, 1202 UT ID and s/off
annmt, into anthem, fair.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, dswci DXW Oct 6)

SOUTH AFRICA   [to Congo]  11690  Radio Okapi, Kinshasa, via Meyerton-AFS,
0405-0415 UT on Oct 02, news in Lingala with reports ending with "Radio
Okapi", 0410 UT jingle with ID in French, comments in Lingala with drums
in the background about "Doctors without Borders", 55555.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Oct 6)

SPAIN   900  COPE Granada QSL. 6 Tage nach einem Erinnerungsschreiben kam
eine mit handschriftlicher Bestaetigung versehene Briefkarte von COPE
Granada (900 kHz) fuer einen RR ueber ein Lokalprogramm.

COPE Granada
Gran Via de Colon, 28 - 2 degr B
18010 Granada, Spain
v/s Jose Luis Molina Magana, Director Provincial
(Ewald Glantschnig-SUI, A-DX Oct 9)

1296 Spain off-frequency again, COPE Valencia tonight again on 1296.3 kHz.
(Guenter Lorenz-D, mwoffsets Oct 9)

I find the carrier on 1296.308 kHz.
(Nicolas, Isabelle et Valentin, mwoffsets Oct 9)

SWEDEN   SAQ 17.2 kHz.
Have just noticed on SAQ's web-site <> that they are to
broadcast a CW message of peace on Sunday October 24th, United Nations Day
2010. It will be at 1200 UT, but didn't mention if reports are required.

Also there is an interesting link to a VLF webSDR located in Delft in the
(Nick Buxton-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Sept 30)

TAIWAN    Special test txions of Radio Taiwan International Oct. 8-11:
1700-1800  9955 TAI 250 kW 325 deg to WeEUR in German
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

TAIWAN   [UNID]  7460  at *1100-1157* UT, Oct 03, open carrier to 1100 UT,
then two-minute opening ann at 1100:15 UT, followed by non-stop talk to
1157 UT closedown; language was Chinese, I believe. Have seen reports of
I-Kuan Tao R here, but could not hear anything resembling an ID, although
the signal was pretty good.
(John Wilkins-CO-USA, DXplorer also via dswci DXW Oct 5)

Aoki list shows: 7460 R.TAIWAN INT. dakaixin lingsuoc
1100-1157 UT Chinese 300kW 352deg Taipei-TWN CBSC

TAJIKISTAN   4765.07  Tajik Radio, Yangiyul, at 0200-0217 UT on Sept 21,
news in Tajik, local songs, 34333.
(Kyriakos Dritsas-GRC, dswci DXW Oct 6)

TAJIKISTAN/UZBEKISTAN   Some changes of WYFR Family Radio via TRW:
1200-1300 11855 DB  100 kW 024 deg to CeAs in Russian, cancelled
1200-1300 13630 TAC 200 kW 131 deg to SEAs in English, cancelled
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

UGANDA   4750.01  Dunamis Broadcasting, Mukono, Kampala (pres), at 1725-
1750 UT on Sept 23, vernacular talk and music - deteriorating from: 25222.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Oct 6)

UNID   6019.28  Unidentified stn S=7-8 signal, ahead of CRI Sackville in
En on 6020.00 even, at 0413 UT Oct 5. Maybe from LatinAM ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 5)

UK   5790  BBC Skelton 300kW in Arabic tremendous S=9+50dB signal at 0345
UT til cl-down 03.59:40 UT Oct 5. 26 kHz Broadband splatter signal at 110
degrees main lobe, from 5777 to 5803 kHz. After 5 seconds 03.59:45 UT
appeared again on 5790 kHz in 140 degr. The \\ Skelton outlet on 5905 kHz
had much cleaner signal at 140 degrees.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 5)

VENEZUELA   In the 1980s I wrote my thesis about the Spanish dialect
spoken in the Carabobo province in Venezuela and had the opportunity to
travel the country for some months to do some field work. I also visited
San Cristobal and met with Gregorio Gonzalez Lovera, who was not only the
founder and owner of Ecos del Torbes, Radio Tachira and two other
stations, but also one of the three radio pioneers of the country, the
only one still alive when I visited him.

Ecos del Torbes' monster signal: on my Sony ICF 2001D, their signal
occupied a range of 50-60 kHz in San Cristobal (i.e. 4950-5010 kHz) and
I think the power of their boosted transmitter was at least 20-50 kW. But
even more impressed I was by the dedication and love some technicians had
with their low power transmitters.

Alfredo Poppert, a native German living in Valencia, the capital of
Carabobo province, was really proud of keeping LV de Carabobo's 1 kW
transmitter on the air using a 40-year-old Continental transmitter with
four tubes and just a few meters of wire as a dipole. Their signal could
be heard regularly here in Europe in those days.

Another story was my visit to R. Yaracuy. The gerente was proud that his
station's signal could be heard worldwide and he showed me two huge
baskets full of letters form listeners from overseas. Not a single one of
those reception reports had been answered, but nothing was thrown away.

The "verie signer" in those days was someone working at the local post
office who had nothing to do with the station [i.e. extracting the return
postage?? But nice of him to deliver the letters anyway gh]. The station's
personnel did not even know him!

Another interesting thing was R. Valles del Tuy in Ocumare del Tuy on
6130v kHz. They were active in the 1980s but had such a weak transmitter
that it was hard to get their signal even at a distance of a few km. They
definitely had only a handful of Watts left to blow into the air; but they
were still active on shortwave!

My favourite stations / programmes in that time were "Lo que esta noche
recuerda" (night program of Ecos del Torbes) and the latin hitparade
broadcast during the night on LV de Carabobo and on R. Yaracuy.

I visited almost every SW station which was active in Venezuela at that
time. Nowadays it seems that not a single one is left on shortwave.
(Michael Schmitz-D, editor-in-chief, "Radio-Kurier/WWH", Germany,
via Oct naswa journal via dxld Oct 6)


EDXC Conference in Ankara, October 2010, by Kaj Bredahl Jorgensen,
on dswci SWN.

The 2010 Conference of the European DX Council was held last weekend in
The annual EDXC meeting and conference was held on September 30th to
October 2nd, 2010 in Ankara and sponsored by TRT, the Voice of Turkey.

Together with my wife I had the great pleasure to participate this annual
event also this year. Unfortunately our Chairman, Anker Petersen could not
attend this year due to an eye operation, so I was the only Danish
delegate this year.

We left Copenhagen airport [...] to Hotel Dedeman in Ankara, which was the
headquarters for the conference. This hotel is a five star international
hotel with many facilities. In the lobby, EDXC Secretary Tibor Szilagyi
greeted us. [...] At 1200, the registration in the hotel was opened, where
Tibor and I sat in the lobby and registered participants. A few of those
had already arrived on Wednesday. During the afternoon most of the
participants arrived. In all 19 people from 9 countries participated. As
usual the biggest delegation came from Finland with 7 participants, 2 from
Japan, and then just one from Sweden, France, Italy, Russia, Germany,
Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

By the way, most of those were DSWCI members! In the evening we had the
usual informal get-together in the hotel, where many issues were discussed
together with a beer or two.

Friday, October 1st:
At 0900 we left our hotel to drive to TRT, The Voice of Turkey's
headquarter, situated about 45 minutes drive from our hotel... When we
came to the big headquarter, we saw a big poster in the lobby made
especially for the EDXC conference by TRT. There we were welcomed by, Mr.
Mahmut Filiz, deputy director and Mrs. Ufuk Gecim, head of the German
section as well as several other persons employed by the radio station.
First we went through the domestic department, where we saw a little
exhibition of old radio and TV equipment which has been used by TRT during
the years.

Afterwards we went to the office of Mr. Hasan Harman, broadcast Directing
Manager, who welcomed us and he then told us briefly about the
organization and the radio. There are 4.000 employees in the headquarters,
and 3.000 employees in the different regions throughout the country, so
quite a big organization. We were also told, that two new languages will
be added in the near future for their foreign services, being Japanese and
Mongolian[!]. Then we presented ourselves each other, and we were given a
package with many different items from the radio.

Afterwards we walked through many long corridors to the international
department, where we first saw some of the many different language
offices. The Voice of Turkey is currently broadcasting in 32 different
languages. After the meeting we went to the big IT section, where we saw
the production of the various language sections was made for the internet.
In this department no more than 140 men and woman were employed to make
and up-date news every day for home page of each language. After the visit
to the IT department, some of the EDXC participants were interviewed by
the radio in different studios, to be broadcast later on in English,
German, Italian, Russian and French.

Then we had a splendid typical Turkish lunch at the radio station together
with the leading personnel, in the canteen of the radio, before we went to
the Emirler transmission site situated about 50 km. outside Ankara. There
we were greeted by the director of transmission, who was a very nice lady,
and we had a thorough insight of this rather old, but still well working,
transmitter as well as all the antennas. There was one big rotable
antenna, 28 (as far as I remember) different curtain antennas and some
other different antennas. The reason why we didn't visit the Cakirlar
transmitter was, that this site was under re-construction. During our
whole stay at the radio station and at the transmitter site, we were
photographed nearly all the time by a photographer from the radio. [...]

Saturday October 2nd
The conference itself began Saturday morning at 0930 in a big conference
room at the hotel, where also some representatives from TRT were present.
The secretary General, Tibor Szilagyi opening the conference with this

"Dear DX Friends and Conference Participants!
12 months have gone since the closure of the EDXC Confernce in Dublin /
Ireland. [...] As you probably know, the EDXC has today 12 members, 4
observer members and 4 individual members. Two individual members are from
Sweden: the well known Swedish DXers Claes-W. Englund and Bengt Dalhammar,
furthermore Torre Ekblom from Finland and Luca Tius from Italy. [...]

During the preparation work for this Conference I had the pleasure to
enjoy the help of the following organizations and DX-Clubs:

1. First of all I had a lot of correspondence with Dr. Ufuk Gecim, Head of
the German section of the Voice of Turkey, die Stimme der Tuerkei. At this
point I wish to express my gratitude for her kind help. As you could
experience yesterday, our visit at the Radio was organized very smoothly
and we had an extra-ordinary warm hearty reception at the Radio. Thank You
Dr. Ufuk Gecim for all the good work you have done for us!

2. Secondly I would like to mention the great help I got from Anker
Petersen, Chairman of the Danish Shortwave Club International. He was
extremely helpful at finalizing our programme for this Conference Day
today. As you probably know, Anker Petersen had an eye-operation on the
22nd of September, and because of that, he cannot attend at this
conference. He was scheduled to give us a lecture here on the subject:
"Anker's Radio Trip to Northern Part of India and Bhutan."

3. Last but not least I wish to express my gratitude to Risto Vaehaekainu,
who was always ready to give good advices and useful recommendations for
this conference. [...] Thank you Risto for your kind support.

4. I also wish to mention that Dario Monferini also showed a very positive
attitude for our conference and he was ready to contribute to our
conference today with his own story: "2009 Radio Travelling in Russia and
other Eastern European Countries. " Thank you Dario very much for that.

Risto Vaehaekainu from Finland, Anker Petersen and Kaj Bredahl Joergensen
from Denmark, Dario Monferini from Italy, those are the people who are
always writing to me. All other DX-Clubs show a significant silence. Why
is that ?

[...] After the welcome, he gave the word to Mr. Turan Nurettin from TRT
External Services, who among other things told us, that TRT started in
1936 and was reestablish in 1943. Nowadays they are broadcasting in 32
different languages with a total of 168 hours in the foreign languages
each day, and 43 hours in Turkish each day. In March 2008 they added Dari,
Pashto, Uzbek, Uyghur and Armenian to their service. They have 30
languages on Internet for the time being. In the near future they will
also use DRM broadcast to their service. At the moment they got about
2.500 reception reports a month and 300.000-400.000 entries each week on
their WEB pages.

Then Risto Vaehaekainu, Finland told about "EDXC conferences - past,
present and future" giving a very good picture of the EDXC history and the
background for founding the EDXC, which took place at Ankers home. He also
briefly mentioned the next conference in 2010, where four possibilities
came up: Bulgaria, Lithuania, Sweden and Washington DC, USA. More about
this later in my article.

The next speaker was Toshimichi Ohtake, Japan who had a lecture about
"Japanese Radio World" seen from the Japanese point of view. Toshi also
showed two slides, the first about "Good Happenings" in the world of
shortwave radio, and the second about "Bad Happenings". It was quite
interesting and suggestive.

The third and last speaker was Dario Monferini, Italy who told about "2009
Radio Travelling in Russia and other Eastern European countries", with
visits in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Samara, Yalta and Kiev, to
mentioning a few destinations, and where he also visited some Russian DX-
ers, and was DX-ing in various places on his trip.

In the afternoon we all went on a guided sightseeing tour with an English
speaking guide to the Kemal Atatuerk museum and mausoleum in the center of
Ankara. [...] After the visit to the Kemal Atatuerks museum we went to the
old part of Ankara situated in the very center of Ankara, on a high hill,
inside an ancient castle area surrounded by a tall wall. Here the life was
completely different, than in the rest of Ankara, with very old houses and
narrow streets. It was a big contract to the rest of the city, but quite
interesting to have a look of this part of Ankara.

Then we drove back to hotel to continue the conference, with the subject
"The future of EDXC". Tibor started to say that he went to the Swedish DX
Federation Annual General meeting earlier this year to make some PR for
the EDXC, and to ask if there was a Swedish club that could organize an
EDXC conference, but no club was interested. Tibor would then contact
World Wide DX Club in Bad Homburg, if they could arrange the a EDXC
meeting in the future. It was agreed by Tibor and Risto, that if the
meeting should be held in Germany, it should not be such technical as it
was in 2003 in Koenigstein. The future meetings should be mixtures of
lectures, debates and cultural sightseeing's, as it has been the case for
the last many years now.

Then Risto again raised the four possibilities for the meeting next year,
being, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Sweden and Washington DC as told. He then
raised the advantages and disadvantages for each country:

Vilnius in Lithuania was the preferred place, because Risto had some good
contacts over there, and this was maybe the last chance we had to see the
Sitkunai transmitter site, before it eventually will be closed down later
in 2011. [!]

Bulgaria had also its advantages; our club has some good contacts with our
two Bulgarian members employed at Radio Bulgaria. [...] Sweden was out of
the picture as written above, and Washington D.C. was no good either
because of the long distance to the EDXC, despite that we are all very
sure that Radio Free Asia and A.J. will make a very pleasant stay for us
over there.

A working group by Tibor, Risto and Arto was then arranged, in order to
work for the possibilities as Vilnius for the meeting next year. There
were some discussions of the date for the next meeting, but the solution
was June 11-13 which is during the Whitsun.

Tibor then told about the lack of attendance in this year's conference
compared with last year in Dublin, where there were 48 participants. [...]
Tibor was also sorry for the lack of response from the member clubs. It
was decided that we should have more activity on our WEB page with the
latest news, which should be really news, and not just "old stories" that
already was published within the DX Community. [...]

After a fruitful meeting, we had about an hour before all participants and
two representatives from TRT went to the traditional, but very tasteful
Banquet Dinner at the hotel. At the end of the banquet Tibor officially
shortly closed this year's conference. [...]  George Brown thanked TRT for
their hospitality and so did I, saying that if TRT would continue with
that speed of increasing languages in their foreign services, in a few
years time they will be bigger and having more languages than Radio Japan
and BBC.

Thank you very much to the Voice of Turkey's great hospitality during our
stay in Ankara. I will surely remember those days in Ankara with great
(Bredahl Jorgensen-DEN, dswci DXW Oct 6)

So at 0900 we met at the reception floor the 20 participants to the EDXC
2010 meeting and the TRT Turkey delegation, the Meeting has been organized
by TRT Voice of Turkey...

Mrs. Ufuk Gecim, head of the German section welcomed us! I enjoy the mid
morning visit at Voice of Turkey headquarter. We arrived with two mini bus
in around 20 minutes.

The visit was very detailled showing the radio Television Museum with
original items of the Story of 40 years of TV activities.

After we went to the office of Mr. Hasan Harman, broadcast Directing
Manager located at 5th floor with a great view of the outside area. Next
the visit to the Internet room service IT Section.

After we went down to the 1st floor to see the differents redactions, so I
met Miss Esra of the Italian Redaction. <>
and Miss Ambra of English <>

Also the Spanish section wanted to do the interview with me
so I sent greetings to the friends in Argentina and to Spain. Finally to
speaks so many languages my mind becomed look like a Babel Tower ....hi

Then we went to the mess hall located down floor with typical Turkish food
together with the leading personnel.

In the early afternoon we transferred to the Emirlir transmission site
situated about 60 km. south to Ankara. We had a complete view of the
building facilities. In that transmitting center operates 16 men with
turnover to cover all the day operations. Cakes and Tea hot was served ...
but luckly for me also mineral water and iced little blocks water
glaced... cause it was quite hot.

I had some exchange of ideas with the Lady deputy Chief Engineer frequency
controller, explaining the frequency and time of the Italian transmission
can't be heard cause no propagation but the Lady sounded look like I was
talking in Sanscrit language hi !!!

We returned at Hotel, quite pleased for the day spent at Voice of Turkey
facilities, and we found Carpets with advertising materials with
schedules, pennants, and Turistic booklets about the beauty places located
in Turkey to be seen.
(Dario Monferini-ITA, with Christian Ghibaudo-F, playdx yg via dxld Oct 7)


vy73 de Wolfgang DF5SX

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