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Subj: Caterham Guides 1 Aug GX0SCR/P
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T:From: Paul Lewis <>
T:Newsgroups: ampr.rec.scout
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Hello Scouts, Guides and Readers

The Catarham Radio Group (CatRad) have been invited to attend the 9th
Caterham Guide's Camp on the 1st August.

As part of our extra activities we are running.  An Amateur Radio Station
using our Groups Callsign G X 0 S C R /P will be set-up.
We proposed to be operating using a simple set-up on 40 and 80 Metres at
some time between 13:00-17:00 UTC.

I read somewhere that there are at least two Scout Jamboree Camps active.
Which includes the 1st August.  Brownsea, Essex ??
(mislaid the information)

It would be great if some of our Girl Guides were able to contact some of
the Scout Jamboree Camp Special Event stations during the afternoon.
Around 7.090MHz or 3.740MHz depending on band conditions.

Would like to know of any Scout, Guide Event station callsigns that we
could look out for.
Paul g4apl
73 de Paul telnet 6301   amprnet Web
amprnet g4apl<at> []IP co-ordinator UK subnets
London Home Countries, West Sussex,  East Surrey, Hants, Dorset, S Wilts
AX25 NTS g4apl @  internet paul<at> IP AX25    GB7CIP HF_PACTOR MARK Frequencies
7.041.5MHz 14.107.5MHz 14.110.5MHz 21.112Mhz USB  International GWay

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