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Subj: DP 5 G QRV during 50th JOTA
Sent: 070928/0921z @:DB0UHC.#NRW.DEU.EU [Grevenbroich JO31HB] obcm1.06
From: DM1CG @ DB0UHC.#NRW.DEU.EU (Carsten)
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Hello all

The radio scouts from the GSN - grevenbroicher scout net - 
will celebrate the gold jamboree on the air in the near
of the city Kassel, very closed to Baunatal - in Tietelsen.

QRA Locator JO 41 PP.

We will be round 50 scouts from severale scout groups from
the DPSG / VCP / BdP / DPB / ÷CP .
The camp program inklude scouting praxis, foxhunting, archerying
building woodtower, campfire, singing ....

We are planing to be QRV on all bands from 160m up to 70cm.
from friday 19.10.2007 2100 UTC - in 50h around the world-

You can connect us also in Paket Radio via DB0AX .

In echolink we hope to be qrv via 70cm HF Link to DJ4JK-L 
Node Number 290828.

The next repeater with the best radius - little tropo
up to G / SM / SP / HB - is DB 0 UG 439.025 MHz -7,6MHz
(or DB0KB 439,425 MHz)

On 6m we hope for a nice opening like last year (50.163Mhz)

On U/VHF we have good take off in all direction 350m asl.
We will using a 10ele/120W on 2m and 11ele/100W on 70cm.
We will operate near 144.323 MHz.

On the shortwave we will use the V-Star tested and used last year.
We can switch very fast 10 direction with five V-beams. 
Each V-beam leg is 120m long. We will use an TS2000 with 100W .

Hope to hear u on the bands.
DP 5 G and the Operator can give together 3 ponits for scouting100award.

Your in scouting best 73 de

gaby - DM1CG for the rest of GSN

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