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Subj: Caterham Guides TDOTA RADIO DAY
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G X 0 S C R 

Hello Radio Amateurs, Guiders and Girl Scouts.

It's that time again.  Advance warning we are a coming on
the air. 

Saturday 21st February 2009

The Caterham Guides and Brownies will again be active for this years
Thinking Day On The Air from Caterham Surrey England  (IO91WH) for the 
24th time.
       1997=<Caterham Radio Group + Caterham 9th Guides>=2009

The Caterham Radio Group TDOTA support team will be assisting the
Guides and Brownies in working towards their Brownie and Guide
Radio Communication Badges and certificates.
Our Brownie and Guides look forward to contacting other guiders and 
scouts around the UK and overseas.

The Caterham Radio Group's club event callsign
to listen out for is    G X 0 S C R

We will be active on:-
Saturday 21st February 2009 from 09:00 to 18:00 UTC 
Later if conditions are good on HF. (wishful thinking during the 
lowest part of the Sun Spot cycle.) 

145 MHz FM

LF 7 MHz SSB   (09:00-12:00 UTC) approx

HF 14, 21 MHz SSB depending on band conditions looking for 
exchanging overseas greeting messages.  
If propagation to Africa,South Atlantic, USA/Canada otherwise will
drop back to 21MHz or 14MHz

We will also tune around the World Guide (GOTA) Frequencies from time 
to time. 7.062MHz, 14.133MHz, 14.288MHz, 21.288MHz. 28.488MHz
If contest QRM to great, will move above 7.100MHz where it is quieter.

QSL's Direct Preferred. As we like to get the QSL Cards to the 
Guide Leader as soon as possible after the event.  The Brownie and Guides
look forward to receiving them from the stations that they have spoken to.

Packet Radio  amprnet world wide convers (WWC) on channel 11. Useful to 
find out which HF/LF frequency our operators are on.

To telnet to our local TCP/IP convers server   
Internet Telnet:// for the node
Amprnet Telnet:// which is
Or via out local NetRom node GB7CR CRCHAT GB7CIP-5
linked to the world amprnet network. (when all the links are up) 

Packet Radio Messages are welcomed AX25   GX0SCR@GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EU
                  []   TCP/IP

Some background information can be located on
Internet web site  
(Webconvers) need to register first
(AMateurPacketRadioNETwork) Amprnet web site
Under the Caterham Guides content.

We look forward to hearing from you, meeting up with groups and other 
Radio Amateur's we have spoken to before.  

Please assist our group in making this another successful weekend for 
our Guides and Brownies.  Who need to complete all the required tasks, to 
be able to gain their Radio Communication Badge or Certificate. 

Those of you that hear our Young and Old operators calling.  Please
give them a call and contact(s).  Help us to make out 24th session 
an enjoyable and successfull event for the Girl Guides (Scouts).

We now have five Guides with M3 Callsigns in the Caterham Guides, and 
another waiting for a foundation course, As a result of our 
JOTA TDOTA GOTA activites.

Best Wishes Paul g4apl looking forward to seeing a large list of stations in
the VHF and HF logs. We QSL 100%.
CatRad Caterham Radio Group G0SCR/GX0SCR GOTA TDOTA TEAM
Secretary Paul G4APL @GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EU 
73 de Paul telnet 6301   amprnet Web
amprnet g4apl<at> []IP co-ordinator UK subnets 
London Home Countries, West Sussex,  East Surrey, Hants, Dorset, S Wilts      
AX25 NTS g4apl @  internet paul<at> IP AX25    GB7CIP HF_PACTOR MARK Frequencies 
    7.041.5MHz 14.107.5MHz 14.110.5MHz 21.112MHz USB  International GWay

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