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footie ?

Not a word I've heard for many years. I think the language people use now
just comes from TV, so it's 'soccer' or just 'football'.

My school made me hate football almost as much as cricket. At least, with
soccer, I could move around but, with cricket, especially fielding on a
hot summer afternoon, I would find myself going in to a reverie until,
eventually, the ball came my way. The shouts of "Catch it !" would wake me
up just in time to see the ball whizzing past.

Just for a laugh, I have used my fondness for languages to start a
conversation between Brits and Eastern Europeans with no language in
common. Once they start to use words like 'goal' and the names of famous
players, they buy each other rounds and become the best of friends (hic).

Yes, there is a lot of soccer violence, totally mindless. England has a
reputation for being one of the worst but nowhere near as bad as Turkey.

Definitely a case of "Me no understand."

I was once hit in the head by a Rugby ball, a bit like American Football
without the armour, I sank to the floor semi - conscious and was warned
that heading it was NOT a good idea.

It was many years later that I did some boxing. I loved it, right up until
someone nearly knocked me out with a left hook, twice. I went home and
gave it a lot of thought, then gave my kit, except for the gumshield, to a
boys club. I didn't want to end up with premature dementia.

I hope your health improves, take care, Ian.

73 - Ian, G0TEZ @ GB7CIP

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