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Hi Ian and look what else came out of the woodwork,

It seems Pete and I have garnered some attention from the lurkers, it's a
sign? Yeah, I dug into the archives for footie, takes me back to Are You
Being Served and the youngster who was an avid football fan. What was
that, the '70s? Right, these days the language comes from TV but it would
be nice if newscasters and presenters could speak English instead of
making it up as they go along. Pollies are worse but we all know that,
don't we?

Speaking of school pushing the hate button, simarly I ended up on a hot
field only it was American football. They're notorious for having
football teams and my gym class naturally had a good percentage of Rahway
Indians and guess who was their favorite tackling dummy. Worse yet they
put me on the defensive line when I'd make a better quarterback, they
just lifted me in the air and made a hole... oh well... SPLAT! It only
goes to show a gym teacher and a football coach are miles apart.

I avoided boxing for pretty obvious reasons, wrestling was my game. No
big star but not bad in my weight class. Yeah, a pin doesn't hurt like a
KO and doesn't cause brain damage.

Too bad american bars aren't like European pubs, people here don't make
friends very well when alcohol is involved. Oh you reminded me of
something with that no language in common comment, the parents of a close
friend some years ago. Both spoke English very well but in the home their
first languages took over, he in Polish, she in Hungarian. Neither of us
could figure out how they understood each other and often commented on it.

Oh yeah, the Brits at least were quite noted for fan violence at football
matches and were banned from a few countries as a result. Probably a
thing of the past since they had to tone it down or forego attendance.
Turks I'm not all that familiar with but you reminded me of some American
slang disused these days. The terms Turks and Young Turks referred to
street gangs and was used in the titles of a few Hollywood movies. Once
upon a time I had a job at the "League of Nations" where we had mechanics
and techs from all over and there was a Turkish fellow among them but you
can't know a country by one representative. One thing for sure, it was a
multicultural experience before the word was coined.

"I hope your health improves..."
So do I. (;->)
"...take care,"
That I am, trouble is lying awake in bed is so BOOORING.

73 de Warren

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