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Hi Frank and the rest of the gang,

"Isn't time we call all PROFESSIONAL sport "Entertainment".??"
Long overdue IMO.

"Isn't so that we prefer to watch violence on TV. ??"
Ever notice today's stadiums resemble the ancient ones? Forget about the 
sissie games played there, bring back the lions, tigers and above all the 
gladiators and the TV ratings will soar. BTW we have enough Christians to 
keep all the lions in Africa well fed for nigh on forever.

"Count how many 'Cops and robbers shows' are on TV!!"
Ugh, such a glut I've not seen since the doctors shows fell out of favor. 
Add the jail and prison shows all tidied up for TV and already the term 
"reality TV" has become a joke. If they were reality McGruff the crime 
dog's tag line (stolen from Smokey the Bear) only YOU can take a bite out 
of crime just might apply to TV. Before I got bored with Bait Car I got 
laughs out of the cops leading the "suspects" on with why did you do it 
sort of questions, the "explanations" are hillarious. Here's where one 
size fits all, "Duh, because I'm STOO-PID."

Thanks a bunch, now Bad Boy by Inner Circle (the COPS theme) is an ear 
worm. (;->)

73 de Warren

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