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Hi pete and all,

Footie fans are fine but was those feet first. Not being a fan I don't 
often catch a match but some unusual announcers make news in their own 
ways. That Brasilian sounds like a colorful one and regardless of the 
sport announcers "covertly" make their bias known on the air. Being a 
baseball fan I see that all the time and then there are times depending 
on where the game is played and the network carrying it they have to be 
completely impartial, makes for a rather dull broadcast. (;->) Then there 
are the YES Network (NY Yankees) announcers that at least give the other 
team credit with the signature "SEE YA!" for a home run.

Right, in hockey you never know when a puck will come yoyr way and not 
always on the ice. That's why players have that toothless grin. Only the 
goalie wears a mask and he has battle scars too but there is one 
invincible who keeps coming back for more, Jason Voorhees. (;->) Heh, 
those movies have gotten so far out of hand, somehow he showed up on a 
space ship, ended up a flaming meteor after being ejected and dispite all 
that came back AGAIN in Freddie vs. Jason, I won't spoil the ending.

"Time for yimmies...see ya later"
Yimmies? Yumpin' Yimminey, what's a yimmie? (;->)

73 de Warren

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