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Subj: Hi Bob VK6BE  changed the topic
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DT:Tuesday,July 22nd.,2008 @1222hrs EST

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Hello Bob VK6BE and others reading along ... Please at
anytime, drop your comments in here, that what makes it
all worthwhile.

As you might note, I changed from QRM @WW to SPORT @WW
as we are into a new area of topic which is sports
and comparing it seems the game of cricket and baseball.

>There is little if any difference in the speed of the
>ball, Pete.

 Sorry to differ with you Bob, but there is and it is
demonstrated at the highest level which is the All Star
baseball game played in the USA between their American
League and the National League.

>I have played both sports.

 Me to Bob.   Perhaps the cricketers I played with were
not good enough.   Yeah I didn't need a glove.  The
ball was vastly difference in feel and a lot other
areas then the hard ball or softball I played in
the United States, and Canada.

Do they have hardball cricket?   Softball cricket?

>Also the batsmen can and do hit the ball into the next park
>at times. We call it a six,  you call it a home run!

It can still go foul and sail out of the playing area,
but then Bob look at the flight..... High flying, and
upper decks of some parks ..that cuts off the rest
of the flight.  With these upper decks they figure
these shots are more then 500ft.

Not a home run..when foul going 500 plus ft..thata way!

>NO difference in the distance hit but if it does not clear
>the boundary the fieldsman can catch it with bare hands and
>they do!

Depends on what your boundary is...then is this hard ball
or softball ...and of course the cricket team level.

>Not very easy to hit a cricket ball.
>It bounces before reaching the batsman and the path it takes
>then is not predictable.

When I played my one and only cricket game in Toronto with
some ex-mixed nationals of cricket playing countrys, it
was because they were looking for players, and I only did
it because my friend from Trinidad asked me.

No problem with the bouncing ball thrown overhand.  Have to
admit the bouncing part first time nearly had me, but then
I played defence for a ice hockey team, and this bouncing
puck stuff is always happening, and was always covered
in yeah the bounce came and the ball like
in baseball did whatever...but then in this case I
did play the ball rather then the man.   I only watched
his weird way of throwing it...and when I connected with
the ball it was GONE!   Cracked the bat in the process.

>Brett Lee is a bowler in cricket who bowls at over 90 mph. this Brett Lee is the professional.   I think
Warren who watches more baseball then I do will tell you
the average is 100 plus for pitchers in the Big Leagues.
They play HardBall...Over hand piching... faster then
softball which is side and underhand and s-l-o-w-e-r
but with great ball control and curves etc...

>That is much the same speed as the pitcher in baseball.
>The fieldsmen in the slips catch that ball barehanded if
>it is nicked by the batsman. They don't wear gloves.

In early days of Baseball, which my mother from Scotland
called "Rounders"  they didn't wear gloves Bob.  It
was the development of the game, the ball, the speed
that dictated the wearing of gloves which developed
into what is worn today.

That of course depends on which you play..hard or soft
and then level of players.

>Hey Pete!  Canada puts a cricket team in the world cup
>along with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe,
>South Africa, West Indies, Ireland Australian, New Zealand,
>England, Sri Lanka, Holland, and until the last one the
>USA (Yes! Black and over 40 all of them! Probably from the
>West Indies originally).

With the citizens from cricket playing countrys, I think
that is great news.    There are a few parks in Toronto
now boasting a Cricket pitch, and we even have field
hockey, so with a cultural heritiage we enjoy in Canada
why not Cricket.

>I play lawn bowls these days. The ball travels much slower!!
>Bob VK6BE.

 Hmmm ... I hate to admit this Bob.  But I am with you on that
one.   I am looking at Golf, and my local pal here wants me
to go curling....just what I need in the
freezing pebbled ice surface and chucking a rock down the
ice like lawn bowls or that game our Italian friends play.

>(whose dog is in love with the bitch down the street and
> spent half the night singing to her at the top of his
> soprano voice which is why I am typing this early in the
> morning! Too early!)

 hahahahaha .... thats a good one Bob.   You're opening
yourself for warren .... be careful  <g>

>[End of Message #249709 from VK6BE]

 Take care Bob ... say hello to Indy if you see him
...VVvvvvvvverrrrr ooooooooooo ... by in his brand new
expensive mobile.

Peter VE3WBZ

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