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Yeah, yeah Pete! Sounds as if you are well versed in cricket with one game
under your belt! 

Yes the ball is different. The cricket ball is much harder, shiny with
lacquer, weighs about the same (5 1/2 ozs) and has a hard stitched seam
which stands out when new, not like the flat seam on the baseball.

The speed. Don't kid me Pete. I watch the US League on TV  - Boston Red
Sox, the Mariners, etc. etc. and they have a radar device on the pitches
and put the speed up on the screen. Most of the pitchers pitch at about 90
mph which is about the same speed as a really fast bowler in top class
cricket, where they also use radar to measure the speed of the ball. It's
on the screen, Pete, for everyone to read.

The boundary on a cricket field is supposed to be 75 yards away from the
centre of the pitch, which would be roughly the same as a baseball
diamond. The bowler bowls from 22 yards, roughly the same as the pitcher,
who is slightly closer.  The biggest hits I have seen on TV would be
roughly the equivalent of a big six in cricket. The ball certainly goes a
long way in the air but those big hits don't leave the arena and are
usually caught (with a glove not a bare hand) I have seen one in cricket
on TV that travelled about 120 yards, and that one left the ground
altogether into the property next door and in a couple of ocassions into
the street outside the ground.. There is an advantage in the bat used in
baseball in that it is much thicker than a cricket bat and probably tends
to send the ball further. That is a minor point. As far as the size of the
stadium is concerned. the Melbourne Cricket Ground seats about 100 000
which is big for any country, including the USA.

The Yanks introduced baseball to us here and some of the top players were
American. I played a few seasons as first base, including some games in a
combined carnival side. Then I umpired for a short time. That was more
difficult.I played cricket from age 10 to when I retired from the game at
age 57. That's 47 years. I was a leg spin bowler and a handy if not
brilliant batsman. Don't tell me about cricket!

In the World Cup there are two levels of ability. The top teams are
Australia (who has dominated the game for a few seasons), South Africa,
New Zealand, West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. At a lower level are
Holland, Ireland, Bangladesh, Canada, Kenya, Zimbabwe. The USA dropped out
a few years ago.

So you hit the ball and broke the bat. Pete, I would love to  give you a
new bat and let you face some REAL bowling on a tricky pitch, first a leg
spinner of some ability who would tie you in knots inexperienced batsman
as you are. You would be surprised at just what a ball can do in the hands
of a good bowler on a tricky pitch!! Then a seam bowler of no more than
medium pace. Brett Lee? No! Because we are getting short of packeteers and
I would hate to see you killed in action!!!
Bob VK6BE.

>  Me to Bob.   Perhaps the cricketers I played with were
> not good enough.   Yeah I didn't need a glove.  The
> ball was vastly difference in feel and a lot other
> areas then the hard ball or softball I played in
> the United States, and Canada.
> Do they have hardball cricket?   Softball cricket?
>>Also the batsmen can and do hit the ball into the next park
>>at times. We call it a six,  you call it a home run!
> It can still go foul and sail out of the playing area,
> but then Bob look at the flight..... High flying, and
> upper decks of some parks ..that cuts off the rest
> of the flight.  With these upper decks they figure
> these shots are more then 500ft.
> Not a home run..when foul going 500 plus ft..thata way!

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