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Subj: Ice Hockey..some comments
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DT:Wednesday,August 13th.,2008 @0930hrs EST

Sportsmanlike Conduct on the ice   "Vs"  Private Life..etc

Ok Ok Ok ... I can see some people are reading this thread
and not via packet .... I got an "earful" <g>, with also an
example of a incident I was witness to, during a series
to determine the Stanely Cup.

Detroit and Chicago , were locked in a series, and Detroit
deployed BRIAN WATSON to cover BOBBY HULL a All-Star and
Hockey Hall of Fame Member.   Not to go into detail,
minute by minute,  Mr. Watson and his stick, carved
Mr. Hull for 15 stitches .. Mr. Hull's eye was nearly
closed with the swelling...Not to mention a bad concusion
as a direct result of Mr. Watson's attention.

Mr. Watson's covering of HULL , got the rest of the team
as it shutdown...but while Detroit won the game by 6 goals,
Bobby Hull ...nearly blind in one eye, concusion, and other
injurys scored all 3 Chicago goals.

Brian Watson's activitys did not sit well with the League
his use of the hockey stick and other activitys lead to
new rule changes and...oh well Brian Watson faded from
view....gone.   WATSON used his stick like a spear.

David G4EBT mentions DINO CICCERALLI, who played for the
North Stars.   He was minor comapred to WATSON.   My
friend reminded me that Mr. Cicceralli was a stick user
too who loved to "spear" other players, and in every
game.   Off ice, he was always in trouble, so he only
brought his street thuggy into the rink.

Now...for enforcers-on-ice....and we've got them for a short
time like Watson etc .... We did have an All-Star player
who after a near career ending incident when he first
entered the NHL ... this player...developed a method
that never got him bothered by even Dino ...and thus
he set a record for playing a long time, as well
playing in the NHL with his own sons.

The Todd Bertussi case, where Mr. Bertussi, attacked
the other player after the period ended...from behind,
ending that player's playing career, as in my mind
not gone far enough.   This incident is still on going.

International Hockey in my mind has also had it's moments
too ...and nothing like CANADA's  Bobby Clarke who
deliberately delivered an ankle breaking chop with his
stick to then USSR's best player Valery Karmoff, thus
taking him out of the series in 1972.   There nothing
was done.

Bottomline is that in all sports we have a real minority
of these players, who are classed as enforcers, and
given jobs like covering the All-Star player<s> of
the opposing team.    Most used All-Star defensive
players for the job...but it did creep into the sport
of ice hockey and it is sad to see in their private
lives they conduct themselves this way..especially
with kids looking up to them as role models.

Not to pumpout another 14K ... I still believe the
Leagues and the Office have to curb a lot of what I
think have no place in the game...not a court room
as it would become just over crowded with charged

An don't get me started on FIFA ...  I think of
Zidane.  He realied later that his actions were
totally incorrect, and made sure to address the kids
to tell them, what he did was incorrect.    Too bad
the Italian player wasn't of the same mind.
< I still liked Zidane decking him! >

Gotta run ... my nephew is on his way here, and lots
to catchup on.   Yeah...we'll be talking hockey <g>.


 Peter VE3WBZ

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