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Subj: Re: Broken Britain ?
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Well I don't get too excited about the Olympics.
I just hope  you don't build  too many new  hotels etc for  2012 to house all
those overseas visitors as I doubt if you will see all that many.

British Airways merging with American Airlines is only the start of it all.
Qantas is also looking for a partner with whom to merge.

Some analysts  give the  airlines barely  the four  years to  get to the next
Olympics. I  went to  Melbourne a  couple of  weeks ago  and the flight I had
booked was  cancelled. They  won't admit  it but  what is  happening is  if a
flight is not full they cancell  it and shift the bookings to  flights either
side  of that  time.
 It  is common  sense of  course but  it  is  a  survival technique.

See if I am not right; the 2012 Olympics will have much smaller attendance.
the 2016 Olympics either will not happen or will be competitors only.
It will be a TV event.

73 Barry VK2AAB

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