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Subj: RE: FIFA , CFL...etc :)
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DT: Monday, November 23rd.,2009 @ 0831hrs JPST
Hello all ...and sorry to change the topic from FIFA @WW to
SPORT @WW , but then Mike VE3UIL ,in his address on my FIFA
posting did mention amongst other things, other sports and
Before rabbling along, I note that FIFA ,nearly 24 hours ago
made a decision on the Irish request to re-play the game with
France.   Instead of doing a re-play as they did before, and
with disasterous results, they decided not to have a re-play
or re-match.   The game and the Ref  Mr. Hanssan of Sweden
are in the books, and I can hardly wait to see what they will
do for the future.
OK, Mike VE3UIL mentioned the "CFL".     Only in!
A pity!   CFL = Canadian Football League, and is noit soccer
or American rules football .... it has been developed from
the first game, which saw American and Canadian teams meet
and while we play a simular game as the Americans, in what is
best described as "Push n Shove" and men in lots of padding
and space helmets crashing together,  our game and league
that is the CFL are this year celebrating 97 years of play.
The threat to the CFL is Canadians in big Citys like Toronto
wanting American leagues in their citys, towhich Toronto has
hosted many times the Buffalo Bills playing out of Toronto.
Turnouts have the CFL team looking like a minor league team
as well the CFL.  The CFL game is played also on a bigger
field, and there are as I stated different rules that I 
beleieve make it more exciting.
Aaah too puggy-fingers are making some bad mistakes
so please excuse, and   oh for that game I was
watching from South America ...well they had an absolute fight
on the field, and the "beautiful game" featured, more krap
then I ever pulled in Ice Hockey.    A goaltender from another
team, actually came running down, and went after another player
in a dropkick that planted both his boots on the chest of the
other player.   All I saw were booting players at other players
and anyone, and a few wild swinging, before the military and
police cleared the field and stands  < Oh yeah the stands were
a battleground too >.
Happy sports ...gotta love it.    73 Pete VE3WBZ

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