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Subj: Cricket n Football <world cup>
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DT:Sunday,December 6th.,2009 @ 0830hrs JPST
Hello Sports fans, everywhere.....
First up... Cricket.   Looks to me like English Baseball or
what influenced Baseball, or as mum used to say, Baseball is
like rounds, a game played in Scotland.      Anyhow, oor
Bob VK6BE is gone!   He sez pernamently, or he aint coming back!
Say it's no so, sez I, but it is true.  Maybe ...maybe not.
Bob asked I post about "Cricket" and when I told him to post
about it, well he plugged the plug, over something else...
SOooooo !!!! If anyone else wants to pick up on Cricket where
Bob VK6BE left off....please do.
I do see them here in Canada, in Toronto.   Flat bat, with
wooden doles in front of a guy in goaler padding, while
another throws it at him,....etc.


Now onto Football....and I don't mean that "Push n shove"
thing on our TV.    The world cup is in 2010 and they just
had the draws for the spots for those team qualifying, and
mmm mmmm mmmm ... I see England vs. USA .... interesting
game.    Also BRAZIL vs. Portugal.    The rest of that
series looks easy for the winner.     In fact they all
look to obvious, and now where FIFA is innvolved I smell
something perhaps rotting, where the series have absolute
power houses that are going to win...hands down.    My view
so lets hear yours.
73 Pete VE3WBZ

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