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Subj: Hello Keizo JA1KW welcome
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DT: Friday,June 11th.,2010 @1946hrs EST

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> Title        : V of BlackhawksAT
> Hi VE3WBZ Pete.

Hi Keizo ... How are you?  Long time no hear. Glad
you enjoyed the hockey, and I didn't realize you were
a fan.

> Congratulations Chicago Black Hawk's victory
> and hailing high the Stanley Cup with their sticks
> since 1961. AP reports that they lost the sneaked
> puck's whereabout for a few moment.

  I saw some of the parade today in Chicago and it
was well attended, and they really earned it.
The series final with the Flyers could have gone
either way.   Very entertaining.

  When that goal came in OT...I didn't see it and
the commentrators said nothing...but Kaine was
coming from behind the net after shooting at the
net and he was very happy and then his stick went
up....but it was for sure a stunning moment.

> It's the happiest moment when his favorite team
> gone up to the top of the world.

After the World Winter Games in Vancover...and
Canada winning in mens and womens hockey...all
the rest was downhill for me.

> Here in our country ice hockey is played around
> the northern part Hokkaido island in paticular.
> Many highschool teams compete the interhigh game.
> A lot of them also play in their baseball team
> in summer season as the ice sports intesifys their
> feet ability.

Yes ... a few have toured here with great results
the fans back in Japan would and should be proud.

> Baseball is the most favorite sports here it prouds
> more than 100 years history. Besides football (succor)
> became in next after pro league started more than 15
> years before. I think the succor needs a energy to play
> full 90 or more minutes, reflection ability in instace
> motion,fighting spirits and power,cool judgement etc.

Yes agreed.   Ice Hockey here is so expensive to
sponsor a child in...that many parents now have them
playing Football or as it is known here Soccer.

> We are expecting how our boys can play in a world of
> ball jungle where lions elephants jaguars ready to
> ambush.     Keizo JA1KW  Yokosuka.
> [End of Message #55862 from JA1KW]

 No Keizo ... Africa is not all jungle.   The animals
you mention are nearly all gone, with civilization closing
in....the only thing waiting in ambush, as in all countrys
is the neighbour bandit after your wallet, or whatever.

I am sure a few hams from RSA will let you know what their
country is like.   Looks like a really nice place to
visit sometime.

Good to hear from you on the Ice Hockey and hope you
get the chance to write and post some more.

73 Peter VE3WBZ

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