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Subj: Hello Keizo JA1KW and all
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DT: Tuesday, June 15th.,2010 @2137hrs EST

Hello again Keizo JA1KW in Japan...and welcome back again !!!
really great to hear from you, and also to get the view of
the people in Japan.

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> Title        : Tnx JA won 1st game in SAF
> To all packeters & sports funs.
> Thanks for all that our W Cup team got
> one victory against African invincinble
> Cameroon. Our odds was so small it is
> the happiest moment to hear the ending
> whistle blown.

  Maria and I watched that game too !!!

  Cameroon NEVER looses their first World Cup game
and also for Japan it was to be a milestone for them
too which was richly deserved.

Good luck to Japan....

> Next bout is vs Dutch team who won 2-0
> game aginst Denmark, the one of the strongest
> fighters. We should endure defencive 90min.

  Saw that game too, and the  goal scored by the
Danish player into his own net.   I don't think
he will be repeating the feat for your team Keizo.

> In every sports event there happen and witness
> many tradegys. This time England GK humbled easy
> shoot then the ball went very slowly into the net.
> GK Green tried to chase but his sitting posture
> did'nt do. The ball designed especially for W Cup
> is said to have the tendency to be slipy. Formidable
> England drew the game with United States.

 YES...many here also thought that was a blooper goal
but hey it is a goal and counts, and it will booster
the USA , as well make England play better...or so
hope the fans in England that are still talking
about it over a pimt.

> It remind us when England GK Seehan lost the long
> arched shoot ball over his head then it suckd in,
> at 2002 W Cup in Japan. What I was impressed is in
> this each drama no one blamed GK for this decisive
> miss play but they cheered up him saying it's not
> your reason.

Yes...England seems to be plagued with miss cues.

> Because of VE3WBZ Pete's joyful note on the champion
> Chicago ice hockey team, I chased some of the news on
> Blackhawk. At the celeblration at Wrgley Field before
> the ball game Cubs vs WhiteSox, hockey coach Quenneville
> handed down the big Cup to Sox manager Guillen then
> the Cubs crowds roared with booing. I could'nt stop laughing
> imaging when Tokyo FC coach hnding the Empere Cup to
> Hanshin Tigers manager on the ToKyo Dome park pitching
> plate.                                                                         H

never saw that on the tube Keizo, but it happens and
is nice exposure...but I can never figure out, why
take it to another sport where really it means nothing
or is a curiousity?

As I type this, there is plans in the way for the NHL's
next season, and also other plans too.

> That the way I'm enjoying the sports. Cheer all the national
> teams in South Africa.
>       Keizo JA1KW      Yokosuka Japan.
> [End of Message #56274 from JA1KW]

Today Keizo, my wife watched her homeland BRASIL play
North Korea.   I have never seen such disiple play as
shown by North Korea.   They held off one of thebiggest
and most powerful teams.   They also proved my point
to my wife that the worse team on a given day can
come close and maybe beat the best.   The tactics
were worth taking note of....  But when BRASIL wife went totally nuts with horms
bells and everything in the house was shaking
with her celebration...People passing on the
street stopped to see her going into party

YES we are watching...the TV is on early in
the mroning to get the first games and we
watch them right to the end of the day's
schedule, and have loved it all.

Gotta have one of those horns from SAF they
drown out everything....hahahahaha....what
a great atmosphere.... Love it all.

Thanks for the posting....good luck and enjoy.

73 Peter VE3WBZ

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