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Subj: FIFA: Spain vs Swiss
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DT:Wednesday, June 16th.,2010 @1545hrs EST
Hello All FOOTBALL fans ... worldwide !
It was really great this morning and into the afternoon to realize
that this World Cup 2010 is going to be a great series, as the
Underdogs have done it again ...except North Korea ...they
beat the favourite team.
The news last night here, as Spain was going to be all over the
Swiss...quoting this and that they won,  and showing the Spainsh
players as having done this and that ...but today ... SPAIN lost
to the Swiss by one goal.
Now the World Cup first games are over, and who is where
is establsihed, the second part gets going, with some perhaps
trying to improve on their points, and others trying to get
a point rather then a loss or a tie.
Still lingering is the goal scored by the USA on England.
What a light...slow moving blooper.     Also is the exciting
Maicon goal for BRASIL, from the short angle with his right
foot, less then a few feet from the marker line....that
was so sharp I thought he was passing, when it went in.
When I think of teams defeated,  North Korea comes to mind
\with their interesting formation on the field, and zones
and double and triple teaming to make it near impossible.
It certainly worked for a long time against BRASIL.
Enough for now when you views!
73 Pete VE3WBZ

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