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Subj: NHL- "On Strike" and not alone
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DT: Friday, September 28th.,2012 @ 1223hrs EST <JPST>

Hello Fellow Sports fans, those who have played the game<s> and
know how it feels, other then some wannabeecouch potatoe critic;

Of all the sports I watch, either real, being there, as I love the
flavour of the home or away arena, whatever, from a team view.

My first one was the NHL which was sparked by a 10meter conversation
with a Northern Eurpoean fan from Finland.   What he said about the
NHL and these strikes they have, and disruptions to a spring classic
like the Stanely Cup ... well here we go again , as with 2004-2005
season.perhaps no cup winner, and another blank spot on the cup.

We talked about the fights, which seem to have come part of the game,
somewhat like going to a fight, and a hockey game by
mistake.   Sickening.

I also happened to just have the TV on, for the final few moments when
those "replacement referees" in an American football game, both called
different outcomes to a play.   One of them calling a touchdown.

Apparently that cost somewhere to someone or organization 4 million dollars
but it is not for money we watch the football, and these bumbling officials
as it is we love whatever games we watch and are true fans.

I can understand with professional players, that they have a short shelf
life in playing football and hockey and whatever .... and they have
unions because owners are greedy know whats ....but ...well
no answer, as I hear this morning, only meetings and a hope we might
have our fab game returned to carry us thru the winter.

On another part of sport is World Football, or Soccer as some know it,
and head injurys resulting from headers ending in death after the
player retires.     I got interested in this by a near overnighter
conversation with a University coach in the USA.    It was something
I had never considered, and not the way it was put to me, in a family
context.   Hey...anyone I know has tried Soccer or football, the
beautiful game, and tired a header for a goal or to another player
or just to be defensive or just direct it...and it hurts.

The speed, impact, and despite being trained how to do it...well the
results are there.

In hockey, when I played...I was lucky I never got a hit in the head,
as I never used a helmet.  Just wasn't at that time a rule for all
like it is today.   Never played soccer <football> but remember quite
well the pain of a header,  because I saw my Great Uncle, once a Pro
do it, and he also refereed as well assisted at the University to them
being NCCA 4th place or better.   I mention him, because I fear he
died of injurys from this heading business.

Interesting how a chance meeting this AM here on 10m...sparked this
posting...but oh well thats life....for what it is worth.

73 Pete VE3WBZ

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