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Subj: RE: KC2GMM on the NHL and rules
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DT: Tuesday, October 2nd.,2012 @ 1019hrs EST <JPST>

Hello Mike, and thanks for responding... as they the league
and players are still out, as those who pay thru the nose
for what is nowadays boring hockey pay premium prices to
watch these swans....  Or so I think.

I see you are from Warren KB2VXA country....aaah NJ.,

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> Title        : Re: NHL- "On Strike" and not alone

>    I can't wait for the start of hockey.   But then again,
> I might be waiting a long time.  Most to suffer will be
> the small-market teams.   However during a strike,
> the feeder teams thrive!

 There is an interesting battle going on behind closed doors
with players and owners, ever since the formation of the NHL
and with each season we miss ...only one so far, it is a nail
in their coffins, as our fans, and I think too a few elesewhere
want International competition stepped up to the stanley Cup
being offered up for International competition.

Yes, the same market teams and the ripple goes to the guy with
a broom, now seeing red, and they just might have to move or
fold.   We can not even get real hockey hotbeds into this NHL
as it is gone way too much for what is offered on the ice
if not just at the end, if one happens to make the playoffs
and then teams in that just are picked off...not exciting.

Our local teams who do feed the NHL are now into their first
month of league play, and many rinks are full.  Why not better
hockey, less whatever and what we like to see which is fast
action heads up skating, and teammaking plays and leaving
out the fighting which is...well there is a debate on that
one going back to the last century.

> Frustrating for myself is the inconsistent priorities.
> God-forbid a stick touches a player's mid-section,
> yet fighting is as common as cutting your lawn.

I know given the new NHL, and the way it is, I would thrive
in getting things going, as when I played I would be on ice
not only to play but get and needle a player to fight...yet
no hitback and thus a player advantage.

> Here are a few changes I would enjoy:
> *Any penalty results in a man in the box.   None of this
> equal-minor stuff & teams remain at full strength.
> Default is 4 players per team on the ice at minimum.

Why?   We were down 3 players, so our coach, put all defencemen
who were rushing offensive players.   When it got to 2 down
another defenseman went out, or a forward, and it made for
great hockey, as penalties served are that. to deprive a team
of a player...and if they are the best...means nothing.

Of course the NHL rules have changed so much, and I have got
away from watching, that there are mostliekly lots of rules
I have no idea on...if the rule you cite is there...OMG.

> * Fighting not tolerated.  Anyone who drops the glove is a
> game misconduct.

 Fighting Mike is a part of hockey that goes back to the origins
on the pond in Canada.  Always been there , even then with pushing
etc, until someone comes along and splits'em up, and order is
restored and the game goes on.  Toughens one up, so if it happens
later, you not like some dieing swan in other sports.

Believe me, if you were involved in a scuffle, you have to drop the
gloves they are useless for what you need when hanging on to someone.

Then too, emotion and speed and other factors give rise to tempers
coming to the surface.  All players, admit to this, and it is normal.

>  Brendan gives a weekly report on injuries, especially head injuries.
> Yet these guys try to rip the helmets off the opponent, bash their head,
> and try to slam them into the ice.

 Brendan is playing up to media and some rights group whatever, on all
this.  Yes head injuries happen...every sport.   I recently learned
my Great Uncle, died of a result of head injury and heading the ball.

I'M  rather glad the helmets do come off for a letting go of frustrations.
Most players getting ready to battle, drop the gloves and then pop off
the helmet.  BTW I played before helmets.   If I had one, I would have
taken it off.

Yeah watched the shots to the head.   Trainers try to tell players about
the hands <knuckles> and the head, that the head wins in all cases as
damage is done to the hands...thus I was happy to grapple and all that
and then skating gave me an advantage as to where the fight was going
and it usually ended up on the ice, with a few refs ontop <g>.

Check Brendan's playing record....he show speak... hahahahaha.

> * After-whistle rough stuff is a penalty.

Thats interesting, as it is up to the ref, to call a penalty. They
do so here.  They want the faceoff to go to rule as well other
players, and it is so hard to watch it all.     Then there are
as you mention after a play...whistle blown and some pushing and
that happens, and BTW the ref does speak to them.   Refs know the
emotions of a game, and they will blow and give a penalty if
it keeps going, after they have given notice.

> *One non-goal incident is subject to review by the official...
> diving.

Aah the dieing swan.  Not all obvious what look like a dieing swan
are that way.    That will and is a hard one.   No official is going
to try to question that neat trick by the opposing team.

It works sometimes and other times no too well.

>  *The hooking penalty is out of control. The penalty should be
> limited to any stick to the mid-section that interferes with
> the opponent.   Calls that tickle the belly button with a stick
> should not be called.

Hooking covers many parts of that call.   Some are sort of there
but no call.   Hooking the skates is one where it might look like
but isn't. and it is up to the ref to decide whether it is a
hook or not.    if one wants to get used to hooking and middle
section play Lacross and get a good measure of that there
which is totalll ok.

> Even though NHL is the #4, they don't need to be so desperate.

 " #4 " ???  Explain?    They aren't so desperate, but if they
keep forgetting fans, and treating us to this nonsense, then
perhaps we also should go on strike and not buy tickets to games
which is how all this spectator nonsense got going.

I watch the world cup of hockey.   And anywhere I go, I'm asked to
don skates, and go out with a team to inspire them...which is
a laugh,  as medically I am not allowed to do this.  So I give away
pucks and sweaters and here and there coach in some countrys where
one would never expect a hockey team.

somewhere back in the 1990s, when it was decided for me, no more,
I even had my nephew and good hockey player, trying to beat me
on the pond at the farm.  He never won, and either did he and his
friends Vs. moi....  I told them NO opposing team is going to give
you a must earn it.   He is now 35 and still miffed at
me but he still enjoys playing hockey, heads up in Northern Alberta
and gets his yearly prediction of who is and isn't going to win it
all.     One of my predictions has lasted 45 years.

> Have a Great Day and Enjoy Packet Radio!

  I do Mike.   Have to get my meds corrected, due to some drastic
side effects but yeah I enjoy the days meal.  Pro and Con... and
I love it sooner or later when we start up YL @WW as well OM @WW
and the GNWB for those of us needing such exercise thru the winter.

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  Whmmm ... Like that callsign do'dah... and the other below,
and I Have heard of PSK31 but not JT65 or WSPR ...for HF,
so now more of push to get my HF wires back amongst the trees
here at the lake.

Keep your stick on the ice....

73 Pete VE3WBZ

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