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Subj: Football: Heading the Ball
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DT: Wednesday, October 17th.,2012 @ 0857hrs EST <JPST>

Hello World-wide fans of the "Beautiful Game"  .... FOOTBALL
or soccer to some.

For a few months now, since learning my great-uncle didn't die of
causes I was told, and due to a sports injury, I have been looking
at and trying to get information on this habit in football
whereby a player heads the ball,   by allowing this speeding missle
flying along, bounce off his <her> head changing direction in
the desired output of a goal.

My cousin in one of our nightly chats laid all this information out one
night, and even told me as a player in college and then as coach
not only how it hurt, but even shown the correct way <if any> by her
dad, well she never did it again.

As she said, even as she was going to school and later University
there was her dad on the field showing the players how to head the
ball, as well help out with the university team.

I can not imagine how many times he must have had the ball hit him
in the head, as a player or goalkeeper, as I only saw his career
ending kneecap kicked off switching etc...etc.

This is not the only sport where there is a hit to the head, and
not the only death relating to it, as I've seen in the news from

When I get all what I need, and names and dates and studies and by
whom, etc ...  I am giving it to my cousin, not only to read
but see how they keep it out of the public eye and concerns.

I told my cousin ,how glade I was to have kept going in hockey,
and how really lucky I was not to have a head injury, as when
I played hockey helmuts were considered for sissys.  I never
liked them when I tried one, so my mother must have also known
about my Uncle too....hmmm.

Oh well....back to bed....
   73 Pete VE3WBZ

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