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Hi Pete & Co.,

Yanks, bearing in mind we're not talking about football season now in

Having taken balls to the head mind you unintentionally I can tell you it
HURTS. Then comes to mind the phrase rattling the brain or rattled, it
happens quite literally. Surely you know what this can lead to, maybe
that's why I can't understand heading the ball although it has its
purpose in the game.

It can get worse, that's why in baseball batters, catchers and home plate
umpires wear protection. Occasionally a batter gets hit with a 90mph+
fast ball in an unprotected area and I've seen them carried off the field
and end up on the disabled list.

"...when I played hockey helmuts were considered for sissys."
I didn't know you're German, I thought you're Scottish. (;->) Oh good
grief, consider yourself lucky you never got hit in the head by a flying
puck or chances are we would not be having this conversation.

Today we can play unprotected without fear of injury but even wired in
Nintendo just doesn't cut the muster of the gladitorial arena, WE'RE OUT
FOR BLOOD. (;->)

73 de Warren

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