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Hi Pete and all,

There's a bit of British slang for you, I see you use the Portugese 
spelling futebol and there are others in many languages that are easy to 
understand. That reminds me of a hispanic announcer and his famous 
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....... AL that went on forever, does this guy ever 
inhale? Oh yeah, two opposing players each trying to head the ball and 
end up heading each other... mountain goats in rutting season? Then when 
it comes to fighting it seems to be a popular move in the UK, makes me 
wonder what their skulls are made of. OUCH!

When it comes to hockey a player properly outfitted usually doesn't 
suffer serious damage but that depends on what you call serious. It makes 
me wonder if the mask does any real good with all those toothless smiles. 
A few years back I worked with a serious amateur player and yeah, one of 
those. Oh I've seen those elbow pads in action preventing a hit in 
another area, got to be alert and quick to deflect a puck.

73 de Warren

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