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Hi Ian and all,

I'm not surprised British schools teach at least the date of American 
independence being a milestone in world history. I learned a lot about 
English history too and one date sticks in my mind, 1066 the Battle of 
Hastings. Like, who can forget the telephone number he grew up with? 
(;->) Here's one for the chuckles, the complete number was FU2-1066 but 
if I explain the prefix I'll spoil it.

We learned about Bastille Day too and all those hardly ever used measures 
but I've forgotten them along with all the other useless crap they 
taught. Eh, the Mesopotamians may have worked in Base 60 but still it 
comes down to 12 as do all before the French tried to impose 10 on the 
world, a system that does not match nature and so leaves a lot of loose 
numbers about. Cubits, now do you mean the Egyptian cubit or the other 
one I don't remember the name? Which one did Moses use? As far as the 
English system goes I remember a few from the King James standard like 
the length of his foot and an inch being 3 grains of wheat from the 
center of the stalk end to end and the hand being the distance across his 
knuckles. I probably forgot the Roman system before I graduated but 
recognize some of the names.

"...why is an American gallon 4/5ths of an imperial gallon ?"
So we can charge more for less gasoline. Then Canada went metric and 
spoiled it all.

That Moses thing was a trick question, here's the answer. Moses was 
raised and schooled in the court of Pharaoh so now what do you think?

73 de Warren

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