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If you want to see where you still use base 60, just look at your
watch,especially if it is analogue. 60 minutes in the hour and 60 seconds
in a minute..
If, like me, you check the price of gold you will see it given as $US per
ounce but the ounce is the Troy ounce at 12 oz to the pound not the later
16 oz to the pound. Many people handling currency change the Try oz to
31.5 gm
and give the price in $ per gm or over here Pounds per gram but the
international price is still given in Try ozs.

We still use a lot of these old measures as in the length of a cricket or
football pitch and, a few years ago an American sent me the date of the
Moon Landing as 02:54 GMT even though films and news papers give
spaceflight times in local times such as EST. The scientist involved have
to use a world standard time and privately use GMT though some now say UT
for Universal Time, probably to keep the French happy with their UTC.

Yes I know about the first US Mars orbiter which got there and didn't work
because it had been built to work in imperial and the groundbase at
Houston had been set up to work in metric, a very expensive lesson:-)

NB, it was on the news today that Neil Armstrong died aged 84 as a result
of a heart attackk last night. We are all part of history. He was 39 when
we watched that blurred figure step off a ladder on the surface of the
moon and I was hitting 30.

73 - Ian, G0TEZ @ GB7CIP

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