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Hi Ian and all,

Base 60, analog watch. So now that they're digital it's not base 60?
(;->) Actually the system in question is base 6 because it's the common
denominator, the zero simply indicates X10 but I'm nit picking.

Troy ounces, unless I'm mistaken it's part of that French system, the
spelling escapes me, the one with carats and all that. Not being a
jeweler I never got into it, just accept the measures.

Hmmm, an American gave you the time of the moon landing in GMT, why am I
not surprised? Aside from it being BST he could have sent it to someone
anywhere and if they cared to just add or subtract as appropriate. BTW
not only can I receive WWV giving time in UTC I can also hear the whole
thing in French on CHU as if it matters, quite a few AM radio stations
got the hourly time tone from the US Naval Observatory so we oldies are
used to it.

Yeah, the crash of the Mars probe really made me laugh like those
demotivational pictures with FAIL on them you find on the internet.
That's what you get for outsourcing to a factory overseas and not
specifying metric. HA HA!

"I read the news today, oh boy." Packet delays I suppose, Neil Armstron
is old news here but I too remember being glued to the TV watching that
historic "One small step for Man, one giant leap for Mankind." These days
the politically correct crowd not to mention Feminazis would be all over
that. One small step for Person, one giant leap for Personkind just
doesn't sound right to me. (;->) Thinking back I was one of the
disappointed ones unable to receive voice transmissions direct on VHF,
space missions use it point to point direct but the link to Earth is
microwave to cover the distance. Here's another thing to chew on, if they
had today's technology not only would we have seen it in color but
crystal clear Hi Def as well.

RIP Neil, you're the Columbus of outer space.

73 de Warren

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