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Hello to Warren, and sorry we were away, so ..oh well.

 I didn't compare a special event station to a net....YOU did,
I really don't care about them, as described in a last posting,
like flubbing geritol operators, giving the old speil ....
Oh mmmm yeah maybe like some nets we hear...but I steer clear
of the rest, just like contests, which show just how rude the
socalled fraternity is...

When I mention an event, it is along a timeline of history...and
the Napoleonic War was an event, as most in Europe also class WW1
and WW2... Two or more tragic events in history.... Easy.

I remember the Johnny Horton song, but then it was just as inaccurate
as his others.    The events of New Orleans are also very interesting
and thankfully I posted to a BBS I belong too, a very detailed account
of it all.  Not here...I really wasn't interested then, and certainly
not now.

I still read of Mr. Ghandi, and his vision for the area...It is
unfortunate that he was taken from us.   Mother Tersesa was another
person on my list.

In your mention of Vietnam, not mine, I posted, what I posted.
Vietnam never caused a few states to want to leave the USA.
My focus, was on the War of 1812, and the war declared by the USA
on England.    Vietnam has nothing to do in it, and there is no

In the part about Michael Bryant, who BTW was a disgraced Attorney
General for Onterio.   How this fits into War of 1812 ???..

Mr. Bryant had family problems, and well he took it out at first on
his family pet...the dog.   Then he got a Pit Dog type bill passed
that is still being assaulted today with counter bills.

> "HE got away with murder!"

Yes I wrote that.  He did.   The cyclist Darcy McGee, drunk or sobber
and in full view of witnesses and even on those CCTV cameras Ian G0TEZ
and I talk about....shows how the driver, delibertely killed the man
ramming him off a few bins and a pole and other curbside articles.

Sure looks deliberate to me, and many others, more so with those there
interviewed, and court witnesses, then and now the uproar here
still as he got off Scotfree.

There is a lot more to it, and still ongoing.   Mr. Bryant's high
profile friends in Government him off.

He now has a book out to "explain" it all from his point of view
and still not accepted, what he has done.   Is like the 4 RCMP
officers that tasered that man to death..they are FREE too.

Either you have money, or friends in higher places or....well.

Any how the War of 1812 events in Ontario,  to bring us back to
the theme certainly has a lot of re-enactors and is interesting
and as Ian points out many Americans before the war of relovution
there , came here to colonize, so there is a great mix and
many storys coming out I never knew the St. Lawerence
Valley...being a neutal area.

> [End of Message #76503 from KB2VXA]

  The best events of the War of 1812, are being staged in the
Niagara Falls area, and so far they have been really good.

73 Pete VE3WBZ

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