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Subj: Re: VK's conference trainees
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Well Andy you have lost all credibility there. You have NO evidence that
the delegates were trainees, but we know they were not.You seem to be on
your own in the assertions you are making when you have been told that
Australia in the end did not vote for what you claim it did. Man, you have
a problem. The suspension you would like won't happen. Don't waste your
Who was responsible for the "band theft"? We lost some bands too but never
classed it as "theft". Part of 80 metres, 288 megs, 200 metres, and some
parts of higher bands. We are not blaming anyone else for it and not
squealing about it either. 
Bob VK6BE.

> Considering the Australian delegate's opposition to the 7Mhz band access,
> I'd like to see some evidence that they were professional. It's fair to
> assume they were trainees instead.
> Just think, the Australian's wanted to see the status quo maintained, with
> regard some 65 years of 7MHz band theft in Region 1.
> Until the Australian's can show themselves as competent - they should be 
> suspended from being able to have World Radio Conference voting rights.

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